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2012-01-29Fixed attributes listingIgor Pashev1-1/+1
2012-01-27Include libgen.hIgor Pashev1-0/+1
2011-05-27getfattr: return non-zero exit code on failureKamil Dudka1-3/+4
reported by Jean-Pierre André at
2010-11-23getfattr: encode NULs properly with --encoding=textKamil Dudka1-2/+4
reported by Paul Bolle at
2009-06-22Stop quoting nonprintable characters in the getfattr outputAndreas Gruenbacher1-14/+14
What is printable or not depends on the locale settings, and getfattr often gets it wrong. We still need to quote a few special characters like newlines, and "=" in attribute names, so that setfattr can always parse getfattr's output.
2009-06-19Build fix for GNU/kFreeBSDPetr Salinger1-0/+3
On Linux, ENOATTR aliases to ENODATA. On other operating systems like Irix and BSD*, ENOATTR is a separate error number.
2009-05-12More license updatesAndreas Gruenbacher2-16/+12
Clarify some license notices to specifically refer to GPLv2+ instead of only referring to GPL without version. (Most of the sloppy license headers slipped in unnoticed; the changes were acked by Felix Blyakher <> on behalf of SGI on 8 April 2009.) Add license headers to a number of small files which were only licenses as GPLv2+ implicitly so far. Refer to this package as "this program" rather than "Attr" throughout the license notices; this simplifies sharing files among packages.
2009-03-11Fix wrong license noticesAndreas Gruenbacher1-1/+1
Some of the license notices added in commit f36cdfd are wrongly referring to GPLv2.1. This is wrong; the proper licenses that the notices should refer to are GPLv2, and LGPLv2.1. Fix this mistake. Signed-off-by: Andreas Gruenbacher <>
2009-03-10Add copyright and license notices to lots of filesAndreas Gruenbacher1-0/+16
Signed-off-by: Andreas Gruenbacher <>
2007-12-04Add some code to the tree walking to better handle file descriptors.Tim Shimmin1-3/+6
Merge of master-melb:xfs-cmds:30192a by kenmcd.
2007-11-21fix up tree walking for symlinksTim Shimmin2-77/+20
Merge of master-melb:xfs-cmds:30105a by kenmcd.
2007-09-11Fix symlink handling in getfattr, getfacl and setfaclBarry Naujok1-6/+33
Merge of master-melb:xfs-cmds:29637a by kenmcd. Fix symlink handling in getfattr
2005-11-09Update copyright annotations and license boilerplates to correspond with SGI ↵Nathan Scott1-28/+0
Legals preferences. Merge of master-melb:xfs-cmds:24326a by kenmcd.
2005-04-21GCC4 fixesChristoph Hellwig1-6/+8
fix a warning about pointer signedness mismach
2004-11-30License and email address updates from Andreas.Nathan Scott1-11/+12
Merge of xfs-cmds-melb:slinx:20369a by kenmcd.
2004-01-06Merge acl/attr nftw walk bug fix from Andreas.Nathan Scott1-7/+8
2003-08-28attr/acl nftw error handling fix from AndreasGNathan Scott1-1/+1
2003-07-29Little attr libmisc update from Andreas to ensure we dont exit from the libraryNathan Scott1-10/+20
2003-07-21attr updates from Andreas - emphasis on improved handling of special ↵Nathan Scott2-50/+36
characters, and creates an little library for helper functions
2003-03-05Same nftw permissions handing fix that recently went into acl (from AG).Nathan Scott1-0/+7
2002-12-01Updates to acl/attr I18N (final). Sync up dmapi scripts with the I18NNathan Scott1-0/+1
aware versions - dmapi doesn't have any strings, so this is just keeping scripts in sync. Updates to acl/attr I18N (final).
2002-11-30attr package I18N changes.Nathan Scott1-5/+7
2002-09-04minor updates from Andreas.Nathan Scott1-1/+1
2002-06-04Update copyright dates (again)Eric Sandeen2-2/+2
2002-06-04Undoes mod: xfs-cmds:slinx:120772aEric Sandeen2-2/+2
Undo xfs-cmds:slinx:120772a, inadvertently whacked a previous mod.
2002-06-04Update copyright datesEric Sandeen2-2/+2
2002-02-25Merge of xfs-cmds-2.4.18:slinx:112587a by nathans.Nathan Scott1-2/+2
redo short/long options in the way Andreas intended, and fix up man pages.
2002-02-25Merge of xfs-cmds-2.4.18:slinx:112563a by nathans.Nathan Scott1-6/+7
workaround for Andreas' list kernel bug.
2002-02-25Merge of xfs-cmds-2.4.18:slinx:112556a by nathans.Nathan Scott1-9/+0
remove special casing in getxattr code - the reason for its existance (kernel issue workaround) no longer exists.
2002-02-25Merge of xfs-cmds-2.4.18:slinx:112537a by nathans.Nathan Scott1-0/+1
grr...ensure an error is returned if an error occured.
2002-02-25Merge of xfs-cmds-2.4.18:slinx:112536a by nathans.Nathan Scott1-1/+1
report file name on error.
2002-02-25Merge of xfs-cmds-2.4.18:slinx:112535a by nathans.Nathan Scott4-398/+350
merge with AndreasG latest snapshot - long options, rename a couple of options to his prefered letters, -5 is gone, use ntfw instead of doing it ourselves.
2002-02-25Merge of xfs-cmds-2.4.18:slinx:112273a by nathans.Nathan Scott2-22/+39
sync up with patch from AndreasG, mainly creates libattr.rpm/deb.
2002-02-25Merge of xfs-cmds-2.4.18:slinx:111986a by nathans.fsgqa1-5/+3
Don't filter out ENOTSUP errors.
2002-02-25Merge of xfs-cmds-2.4.18:slinx:111470a by nathans.Nathan Scott1-2/+2
remove off-by-one noop loop in listing attributes.
2002-02-25Undoes mod: xfs-cmds-2.4.18:slinx:111335aNathan Scott1-6/+6
Merge of xfs-cmds-2.4.18:slinx:111337a by nathans.
2002-02-25Merge of xfs-cmds-2.4.18:slinx:111335a by nathans.Nathan Scott1-35/+48
Vastly reduce the amount of memory allocations we do by using a high-water mark allocator. Fixes a bunch of memory leaks in the process.
2002-02-25Merge of xfs-cmds-2.4.18:slinx:111138a by nathans.Nathan Scott4-0/+585
bump to version 2.0.0 for extended attribute and other interface changes. incorporate new code, docs, etc from ext2/ext3 project.