AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2013-03-21HVM-770 ioapic should return zero reads for bogus pinsHEAD20130919201309052013082220130725201307112013062720130515201304182013040420130321masterRobert Mustacchi2-3/+11
2012-11-27HVM-761 host panic in paging64_walk_addr+0xc6201302072013012420130110201212272012121320121129Joshua M. Clulow1-2/+0
2012-10-23OS-1655 kvm user portions should build with -zassert-deflib and -zguidance2012111520121101Robert Mustacchi1-1/+8
2012-09-24HVM-745 Reintroduce kvm_para.h20121004Robert Mustacchi2-0/+116
2012-09-24HVM-738 smb_wmb and smb_rmb in kvm_x86.h shouldn't be visible to userlandRobert Mustacchi1-1/+2
2012-08-27HVM-746 kvm makefile does not properly create all necessary paths.2012092020120906Robert Mustacchi1-1/+1
2012-08-09HVM-742 off-by-one error in bitset manipulation20120823Richard Lowe1-4/+5
2012-08-09OS-1450 panic in list_remove() from kvm_mmu_free_page()Joshua M. Clulow1-26/+38
2012-07-16illumos-kvm#9 Don't use the obsolete -fno-dwarf2-indirect-strings201208092012072620120626Richard Lowe1-2/+0
2012-07-16HVM-734 Makefile does not create devfsadm directoryRobert Mustacchi1-0/+1
2012-06-28HVM-732 README refers to wrong gcc version2012071220120528Robert Mustacchi1-3/+3
2012-06-20OS-1298 kvm builds mdb module against the build system's headersKeith M Wesolowski2-66/+257
2012-03-08HVM-719 kvm should build with gcc 4.4.420120517Robert Mustacchi9-364/+190
2012-01-26HVM-715 Enable AES supportRobert Mustacchi1-2/+3
2011-12-13OS-688 panic assertion failed kvm_ioapic.c, line: 249Bryan Cantrill1-1/+17
2011-12-06HVM-700 Panic in module "kvm" due to a NULL pointer dereferenceBryan Cantrill4-10/+52
2011-12-02HVM-705 need dcmd to process KVM ring bufferBryan Cantrill1-0/+80
2011-12-02HVM-706 need static instrumentation in vcpu_load()/vcpu_put()Bryan Cantrill2-0/+6
2011-11-29HVM-701 need static instrumentation in kvm_ctx_save()/kvm_ctx_restore()Bryan Cantrill3-1/+50
2011-11-28OS-745 system hung doing crosscallsRobert Mustacchi1-3/+2
2011-10-19HVM-679 KVM should refuse to load if EPT is not presentBryan Cantrill1-0/+7
2011-10-19HVM-677 emulation failure shouldn't be logged to the consoleBryan Cantrill1-1/+1
2011-10-19HVM-678 in-kernel emulation of programmed I/O can spuriously failBryan Cantrill1-1/+0
2011-10-13HVM-666 VMs will panic/hang with more than 64GBBryan Cantrill3-48/+46
2011-09-22HVM-663 kvm repo should supply its own manifestRobert Mustacchi2-0/+19
2011-09-20HVM-661 kvm install target should depend on worldRobert Mustacchi1-1/+1
2011-09-20HVM-660 kvm Makefile should match local specRobert Mustacchi1-3/+6
2011-09-15HVM-652 kvm Makefile should specify which gcc it usesRobert Mustacchi1-6/+5
2011-09-07HVM-640 Need to implement vmx_disabled_by_biosMax Bruning1-1/+13
2011-09-06OS-590 kvm driver is far too chatty to the consoleBryan Cantrill6-25/+26
2011-09-06HVM-638 Non-GZ can see kstatsRobert Mustacchi2-4/+5
2011-08-24HVM-621 assertion failure in rmap_write_protect()Bryan Cantrill1-6/+5
2011-08-20HVM-611 per-CPU IDT not properly restored, breaking S10-branded zonesBryan Cantrill1-2/+4
2011-08-19HVM-610 sdt:::kvm-cpuid adds too much performance overheadRobert Mustacchi1-6/+0
2011-08-13HVM-600 should mention the devfsadm linkRobert Mustacchi1-3/+8
2011-08-12HVM-596 need for illumos-kvmBryan Cantrill2-52/+283
2011-08-12HVM-458 kvm_tss.h should dieRobert Mustacchi4-119/+1
2011-08-12HVM-593 KVM must fail cleanly on non-VMX machinesBryan Cantrill1-1/+22
2011-08-11HVM-595 clean up XXX in kvm.cMax Bruning1-36/+7
2011-08-11HVM-553 Qemu isn't cleaning up properly on kvm_run failure with errno 22 (EIN...Max Bruning1-0/+5
2011-08-11HVM-553 Qemu isn't cleaning up properly on kvm_run failure with errno 22 (EIN...Max Bruning1-1/+1
2011-08-10HVM-553 Qemu isn't cleaning up properly on kvm_run failure with errno 22 (EIN...Max Bruning1-1/+1
2011-08-09HVM-590 yet more XXX cleanupBryan Cantrill3-66/+3
2011-08-09HVM-589 XXX cleanup waveRobert Mustacchi4-28/+3
2011-08-09HVM-585 Make sure copyright notices are up to date on all files in kvm repoRobert Mustacchi44-23/+945
2011-08-08HVM-582 remove more XXXsBryan Cantrill5-194/+50
2011-08-06HVM-577 KVM: MMU: fix conflict access permissions in direct spBryan Cantrill1-0/+2
2011-08-06HVM-576 KVM: MMU: fix direct sp's access corruptedBryan Cantrill1-2/+28
2011-08-06HVM-575 KVM: MMU: flush remote tlbs when overwriting spte with different pfnBryan Cantrill1-0/+2
2011-08-06HVM-574 KVM: MMU: invalidate and flush on spte small->large page size changeBryan Cantrill1-0/+2