BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
OS-8042Merge branch 'master' into OS-8042John Levon18 months
cr6990-OS-8027Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into cr6990-OS-8027Ryan Zezeski18 months
cr7072-OS-8022OS-8022 add os-tests to the tests-archive tarballJohn Levon18 months
ikev2refhash: bye bye lint, allow user-replaceable allocatorsJason King18 months
master [illumos-gate merge]Jerry Jelinek18 months
nfs-zoneMerge branch 'master' into nfs-zoneDan McDonald18 months
release-20191107 [illumos-gate merge]Jerry Jelinek18 months
sastopoAdd sas-port-type prop to all port nodesRob Johnston18 months
zfs-aliasRebase + updates & fixesJason King18 months
zfs-cryptoreviewHans Rosenfeld18 months
20151001illumos-joyent-20151001.tar.gz  Trent Mick6 years
20150917illumos-joyent-20150917.tar.gz  Trent Mick6 years
20150903illumos-joyent-20150903.tar.gz  Trent Mick6 years
20150820illumos-joyent-20150820.tar.gz  Trent Mick6 years
20150806illumos-joyent-20150806.tar.gz  Pedro Palazon Candel6 years
20150723illumos-joyent-20150723.tar.gz  Pedro Palazon Candel6 years
20150709illumos-joyent-20150709.tar.gz  Trent Mick6 years
20150625illumos-joyent-20150625.tar.gz  Trent Mick6 years
20150611illumos-joyent-20150611.tar.gz  Trent Mick6 years
20150528illumos-joyent-20150528.tar.gz  Trent Mick6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-11-15 [illumos-gate merge]HEADmasterJerry Jelinek37-188/+551
2019-11-14OS-8027 reinstate mac-loopback hardware emulation on Tx [fix debug] (#234)Ryan Zezeski1-4/+0
2019-11-1411961 add DDI UFM support to the nvme driverRob Johnston4-5/+174
2019-11-1411963 Allow ptree(1) to wrap outputJason King2-7/+31
2019-11-1411935 loader: fix memory corruption bug in vdev_readToomas Soome2-31/+81
2019-11-14OS-8027 reinstate mac-loopback hardware emulation on Tx (undo OS-6778)Joyent Automation15-362/+121
2019-11-1411954 rpcmod: Possible memory leak in connmgr_get()Marcel Telka1-11/+6
2019-11-149601 Divide by zero in i40e_get_available_resources()Marcel Telka4-6/+101
2019-11-1411933 loader: we can not read log device but we need to know aboutToomas Soome2-6/+16
2019-11-1411928 rpcmod's clnt_cots can do zero-length kmem allocationsDan McDonald1-13/+17