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Rototiil versions section
Replace and simplify the versions section. Drop notion of supported/deprecated. Explain why people run specific old versions. Assert that there are no 10.4 pkgsrc users, and very few 10.5. Keep notion that PRs for <= 10.5 without fixes can be closed without fixing. Explain Darwin vs OS X. Point to PureDarwin. Explain that pkgsrc for Darwin is really for OSX and invite doc patches. Make a few minor edits. It remains for someone to explain more clearly the issue of broken/missing SDKs in 10.11 and command line tools. As discussed on tech-pkg, with input from jperkin and tron.
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-$NetBSD: README.MacOSX,v 1.22 2015/11/06 16:38:27 gdt Exp $
+$NetBSD: README.MacOSX,v 1.23 2015/11/07 12:55:03 gdt Exp $
This file describes the use of current versions of pkgsrc with
-multiple versions of OS X, omitting information about previous pkgsrc
-versions. (Apple has renamed Mac OS X to OS X, but the filename
+multiple versions of Darwin and OS X, omitting information about previous pkgsrc
+* Darwin vs OS X
+(Apple has renamed Mac OS X to OS X, but the filename
+OS X consists of Darwin (kernel/userland) plus Mac stuff on top.
+pkgsrc used to target Darwin, but given the tools issued discussed
+below it is not clear that it works on Darwin without OS X. Darwin
+from Apple is no longer open source.
+Users of non-OSX Darwin are invited to submit patches to this file.
+The only known project is:
+Until then, this file remains OSX-centric.
* system tools issues
** native headers vs SDK
@@ -24,7 +39,9 @@ pkgsrc defaulted to using gcc. With 10.9, gcc is no longer present.
** i386 vs x86_64 ABI issue
-OS X 10.6 and higher supports x86-64 binaries on most Intel Macs.
+OS X 10.6 and higher supports x86-64 binaries on Intel Macs with
+x86-64 processors, which is now most of them.
This has caused problems with packages which get confused because
"MACHINE_ARCH" is in some OS versions set to "i386" (on a 64-bit
@@ -35,9 +52,7 @@ system!).
On Intel machines, pkgsrc currently defaults to i386 mode (--abi=32)
on OS X, and can be set to x86_64 mode (--abi=64).
Note that a pkgsrc build in x86_64 mode will not run on an Intel Mac
-that is i386 only (some older Mac Minis and Macbooks). For a longer
-discussion, see:
+that is i386 only. For a longer discussion, see:
As of 2015-11, changing the default to x86_64 is imminent.
@@ -74,58 +89,46 @@ it may be useful to `git clone`.
** X11
X11 used to be built into OS X, but as of 10.8 it is no longer
-included. Install XQuartz from
+included. You can install XQuartz from
+, or try the newly-added pkgsrc
* OS X Versions
-pkgsrc is a volunteer project, and individuals support/fix packages
-and platforms as they choose. However, pkgsrc contributors as a group
-share both a bugtracker and norms about what is ok to break and what
-is not. To describe these norms, we define levels of concern, keeping
-in mind that there are no guarantees:
- SUPPORTED doesn't mean that anyone is required to fix your problem; it
- means that we agree that it is broadly desireable that such problems
- be fixed and that we therefore allow them to be listed in our issue
- tracker. Structural breakage is unacceptable.
- DEPRECATED means that individual problems are not of interest, but
- pkgsrc overall working is of enough interest to be allowed to be
- listed in the issue tracker. Structural breakage is undesirable,
- but a fair topic of discussion if keeping support is painful.
- Individual pkg PRs may be bounced to authors to retest with newer
- versions, and closed if that doesn't happen in 14 days.
- IGNORED means we are not willing to expend issue tracker resources
- (clutter for those reviewing the db) at all. PRs may be summarily
- closed. We are also unconcerned with whether pkgsrc works on the
- system at all.
-Given the above definitions, the pkgsrc developers label versions of
-OS X as follows:
+Because Apple drops support for previous hardware faster than the
+hardware fails, many machines cannot be upgraded to recent versions of
+OS X, creating a greater than usual desire to support old systems.
+Because of the particular history of deprecation, most systems tend to
+run relatively recent versions or specific older versions (10.6 and
- 10.11: current. [SUPPORTED]
+The stance of pkgsrc is generally to avoid breaking older systems
+unless keeping support would cause difficulty, and to accept clean
+patches when there is no harm to non-deprecated versions. This
+section is partly to document what versions tend to be used and why,
+and partly to enable cleaning up bug reports without fixes for very
+old systems.
- 10.10: recent. [SUPPORTED]
+pkgsrc PRs about 10.5 or older that do not contain fixes may be closed
+without fixing.
- 10.9 (13.4.0): somewhat old but not that crufty. [SUPPORTED]
+OS X 10.9 through 10.11 are considered current.
- 10.8: old. [SUPPORTED]
+There are not any known reasons to run OS X 10.8 instead of upgrading
+to a newer version.
- 10.7: old. [SUPPORTED]
+OS X 10.7 is the last version that works on a few Intel Macs, e.g. the
+Mac Pro 1.1 and 2.1 and some Mac Minis.
- 10.6 (10.8.0): very old [DEPRECATED] (But note that this is the
- Joyent i386-mode build target.)
+OS X 10.6 is the last version that works on Intel Macs lacking amd64
+support, e.g. Mac Minis and Macbooks with Core Duo. (There is an
+active bulk build for 10.6.)
- 10.5 and below: ancient, and PRs will be summarily closed. It is
- acceptable to give zero consideration to causing structural
- problems on 10.5 and below. [IGNORED]
+OS X 10.5 is the last version that works on PowerPC Macs. As of 2015
+reports of using 10.5 are very rare.
-Because Apple provides 10.9 as a no-cost upgrade (from 10.6 or higher,
-it is fairly likely that 10.6-10.8 will become DEPRECATED faster than
-they might have otherwise. (The rationale for supporting versions
-beyond the current and previous ones has been the difficulty for users
-to upgrade.)
+OS X 10.4 is the last version that works on PowerPC G3 and slower G4
+Macs. There have been no recent reports of anyone using pkgsrc on it.
* Bulk builds
@@ -134,7 +137,7 @@ computers as possible. The main issues are which ABI and which OS X
version. Targetting older versions makes a build run on more systems,
and targetting newer versions makes the build closer to what would be
obtained from bootstrappping on a newer version and thus avoids some
+issues. This section has pointers to active bulk builds.
** 10.6, --abi=32 (i386), gcc