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Add caution that Command Line Tools do not auto-update
Patch from Jan Danielsson.
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-$NetBSD: README.MacOSX,v 1.31 2016/07/15 14:51:16 gdt Exp $
+$NetBSD: README.MacOSX,v 1.32 2016/09/20 00:46:49 gdt Exp $
This file describes the use of current versions of pkgsrc with
multiple versions of Darwin and OS X, omitting information about previous pkgsrc
@@ -133,6 +133,13 @@ recommend to install command-line tools.
Command Line Tools for Xcode can be obtained from
+Since Xcode 7 (installed from the Apple Store) the development
+environment can upgrade itself without interaction from the user, but
+will not automatically update the Command Line Tools. This will
+cause system header files like stdlib.h not to be found by pkgsrc.
+The command `xcode-select --install' will install the Command Line
+Tools for Xcode.
** cvs
Note that as of 10.9, cvs is no longer provided by Apple. You can build