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irssi: update to 1.0.4. security fix.
v1.0.4 2017-07-07 The Irssi team <> - Fix null pointer dereference when parsing invalid timestamp (GL#10, GL!15). Reported by Brian 'geeknik' Carpenter. - Fix use-after-free condition when removing nicks from the internal nicklist (GL#11, GL!16). Reported by Brian 'geeknik' Carpenter. - Fix incorrect string comparison in DCC file names (#714). - Fix regression in Irssi 1.0.3 where it would claim "Invalid time '-1'" (#716, #722). - Fix a bug when using \n to separate lines with expand_escapes (#723). - Retain screen output on improper exit, to better see any error messages (#287, #721). - Minor help update (#729).
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