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Changes 3.8.11:
Added the experimental RBU extension. Note that this extension is experimental and subject to change in incompatible ways. Added the experimental FTS5 extension. Note that this extension is experimental and subject to change in incompatible ways. Added the sqlite3_value_dup() and sqlite3_value_free() interfaces. Enhance the spellfix1 extension to support ON CONFLICT clauses. The IS operator is now able to drive indexes. Enhance the query planner to permit automatic indexing on FROM-clause subqueries that are implemented by co-routine. Disallow the use of "rowid" in common table expressions. Added the PRAGMA cell_size_check command for better and earlier detection of database file corruption. Added the matchinfo 'b' flag to the matchinfo() function in FTS3. Improved fuzz-testing of database files, with fixes for problems found. Add the fuzzcheck test program and automatically run this program using both SQL and database test cases on "make test". Added the SQLITE_MUTEX_STATIC_VFS1 static mutex and use it in the Windows VFS. The sqlite3_profile() callback is invoked (by sqlite3_reset() or sqlite3_finalize()) for statements that did not run to completion. Enhance the page cache so that it can preallocate a block of memory to use for the initial set page cache lines. Set the default preallocation to 100 pages. Yields about a 5% performance increase on common workloads. Miscellaneous micro-optimizations result in 22.3% more work for the same number of CPU cycles relative to the previous release. SQLite now runs twice as fast as version 3.8.0 and three times as fast as version 3.3.9. (Measured using cachegrind on the speedtest1.c workload on Ubuntu 14.04 x64 with gcc 4.8.2 and -Os. Your performance may vary.) Added the sqlite3_result_zeroblob64() and sqlite3_bind_zeroblob64() interfaces.
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