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Changes 3.16.2:
Fix the REPLACE statement for WITHOUT ROWID tables that lack secondary indexes so that it works correctly with triggers and foreign keys. This was a new bug caused by performance optimizations added in version 3.16.0. Ticket 30027b613b4 Fix the sqlite3_value_text() interface so that it correctly translates content generated by zeroblob() into a string of all 0x00 characters. This is a long-standing issue discovered after the 3.16.1 release by OSS-Fuzz Fix the bytecode generator to deal with a subquery in the FROM clause that is itself a UNION ALL where one side of the UNION ALL is a view that contains an ORDER BY. This is a long-standing issue that was discovered after the release of 3.16.1. See ticket 190c2507. Adjust the sqlite3_column_count() API so it more often returns the same values for PRAGMA statements as it did in prior releases, to minimize disruption to applications that might be using that interface in unexpected ways.
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