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Update databases/percona-toolkit to 3.0.3
v3.0.3 - Sandbox won't start correctly if autocommit=0 in my.cnf - pt-online-schema-change should imply --no-drop-new-table - Fixed pt-mext not working with not empty Rsa_public_key - pt-stalk ps include memory usage outputs - Recognize comments in ALTER - pt-online-schema change eats data on adding a unique index. Added --[no]use-insert-ignore - Make DSNs params able to be repeatable - Made OptionParser to accept repeatable DSNs - Collect MySQL variables - Add --skip-check-slave-lag to pt-table-checksum - Added --skip-check-slave-lag to pt-osc - Added support for slave status in pt-stalk v3.0.2 - pt-mongodb tools add support for SSL connections - pt-mongodb-summary Cannot get security settings when connected to a mongod instance - pt-mongodb-query-digest Change the default sort order to -count (descending) - pt-mysql-summary password doesn't support '&' and '#' symbols - Update Makefile for mongodb tools - Collect information about locks and transactions using P_S (Thanks Agustin Gallego) - pt-stalk top CPU usage is useless - Fix pt-mongodb-query-digest query ID (Thanks Kamil Dziedzic) - pt-online-schema-change makes duplicate rows in _t_new for UPDATE t set pk=0 where pk=1 - Fixed PT tests - pt-table-checksum ignores slave-user and slave-password - pt-table-checksum fails if a database is dropped while the tool is running v3.0 - Improved fix (protocol parser fix): error when parsing tcpdump capture with pt-query-digest - pt-osc: Fails with duplicate key in table for self-referencing (Thanks Amiel Marqeta) - pt-summary exists with an error (Thanks Marcelo Altmann) - pt-mongodb-summary - pt-mongodb-query-digest v2.2.20 - pt-slave-restart fails on MariaDB 10.0.13 (gtid_mode confusion) - pt-show-grants fails against MariaDB10+ - pt-query-digest numbers in table or column names converted to question marks (--preserve-embedded-numbers) - pt-online-schema-change misses data. Fixed sort order for ENUM fields - pt-online-schema-change doesn't apply underscores to foreign keys individually - pt-upgrade fails with SELECT INTO - pt-slave-restart --config does not recognize = as separator - Added pause to NibbleIterator - --data-dir parameter in order to create the table on a different partition - with pt-table-checksum automatically exclude checking schemas named percona, percona_schema - pt-online-schema-change Added --remove-data-dir feature - Fixed several typos in the doc (Thanks Dario Minnucci) - Add Transparent huge pages info to pt-summary - Add Memory management library to pt-mysql-summary
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diff --git a/databases/percona-toolkit/Makefile b/databases/percona-toolkit/Makefile
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--- a/databases/percona-toolkit/Makefile
+++ b/databases/percona-toolkit/Makefile
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-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.18 2016/08/22 09:54:26 fhajny Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.19 2017/06/12 19:32:59 fhajny Exp $
-DISTNAME= percona-toolkit-2.2.19
+DISTNAME= percona-toolkit-3.0.3
CATEGORIES= databases
diff --git a/databases/percona-toolkit/distinfo b/databases/percona-toolkit/distinfo
index 8ba19b7b785..7cbcd6b583e 100644
--- a/databases/percona-toolkit/distinfo
+++ b/databases/percona-toolkit/distinfo
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.10 2016/08/22 09:54:26 fhajny Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.11 2017/06/12 19:32:59 fhajny Exp $
-SHA1 (percona-toolkit-2.2.19.tar.gz) = 4f901335d208b1f97bc5db7a5908f7ecafab29f6
-RMD160 (percona-toolkit-2.2.19.tar.gz) = dfbc3a28c4cc523e4d4eb132f6818fb2814bd11a
-SHA512 (percona-toolkit-2.2.19.tar.gz) = 8da35e2ee4d81465131623e5b423c2c49c0bf0faf01862952dd5ca72c2ffea64fabcaf88dda883e633e23de8ae4a6c75a095a751708bac6a8136fc8daaae2383
-Size (percona-toolkit-2.2.19.tar.gz) = 1425623 bytes
+SHA1 (percona-toolkit-3.0.3.tar.gz) = 6854652c59668b3312d6787794de05effc4f94c1
+RMD160 (percona-toolkit-3.0.3.tar.gz) = 14d86f2013289251ccc808f26507b8268b84686e
+SHA512 (percona-toolkit-3.0.3.tar.gz) = 258b94facee023aed4821c41b1e626441539b561be485bbb1454aa17e9986638c91ce6675ba8ea4ecdc92acfcb33fc1f7cf1632c9fec44565dc6276b1f0a07ea
+Size (percona-toolkit-3.0.3.tar.gz) = 48741048 bytes