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Adjust webkit-gtk entries.
webkit24-gtk{,3} is the latest release that supported WebKit1 API and it's considered EOL by upstream. However, several packages in pkgsrc still need it. webkit-gtk track the latest stable version of webkit-gtk and only support the WebKit2 API. The version in pkgsrc-wip ATM has still some issues and so probably not ready to update www/webkit-gtk (hence the comment).
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Suggested new packages
@@ -1580,8 +1580,7 @@ For possible Perl packages updates, see
o warzone2100-2.3.8
o wcalc-2.4
o webalizer-2.23.05
- o webkit-gtk-2.16.0
- o webkit24-gtk-2.16.5
+ o webkit-gtk-2.16.5 [wip; please see TODO though]
o websvn-2.3.3
o weewm-0.01
o wgetpaste-2.26