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Update to 0.80.0.
[Note: If you've used Windowmaker before, you might want to read the NEWS file included with the distribution (on each update, really).] More interesting changes: - Disabled window birth animation by default (while it was ok with normal windows, it was very annoying with menus editing in - Added ability to shade/unshade a window using the mouse wheel. - Added "Save workspace state" switch button on the exit confirmation panel (based on a patch sent by Jan Tomka <>) - SIGTERM is now handled and saves the internal state before exiting (like SIGHUP and SIGINT already do). Now a "kill wmaker_pid" will exit cleanly saving dock/clip/session information on exit. - Deminiaturizing a window that is also shaded, will perform an unshade too. (Note that this only applies to deminiaturizing shaded windows. Unhiding an application will keep the shaded/unshaded state of windows.) - Removed compile time option for definable cursors and made them available by default. - Mapping a new window that belongs to a running application that is hidden, will unhide the application. - Removed the collapse appicons thing. - Added real appicon sharing (apps of the same kind will have a single shared appicon). - Fixed user and global defaults domain merging to preserve values present in global but not in user, in sub-dictionaries. - Made dock/clip steal appicons of applications that were started from a shell/xterm or from the main menu, if there is a docked appicon of that class that is not running at the time the app is launched. - Added animation to show that the appicon was stolen by the dock (the way NEXTSTEP did - map an appicon as it normally would have been, then slide it to the position the docked appicon is). - Updated the animation constants for scrolling/sliding/shading to better adapt to newer/faster machines. Also used wusleep(10) when the delay was 0 to get rid of the jerky animation when there was no delay. - Saving a domain file will first strip all entries that are also present in the global domain as well and are exactly the same. This fixes a bug where settings from the global domain file were merged in the user domain file and further changes in the global domain file for those merged values was ignored making a system admin unable to set global defaults for all users using the global domains. Also, some bug fixes and localization updates.
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