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+$NetBSD: README.AIX,v 2004/03/11 13:03:59 grant Exp $
+You will need gcc. The AIX xlC compiler doesn't work, but probably
+could be made to. gcc-3.3.2 has been tested.
+bootstrap-pkgsrc has been tested on AIX 4.3. It will probably work on newer
+releases also.
+Please note the use of GNU binutils on AIX is not supported.
+Make sure GNU ld is not in your path.
+If you are using gcc
+It makes life much simpler if you only use the same gcc consistently
+for building all packages.
+It is recommended that an external gcc be used only for bootstrapping
+gcc from pkgsrc, lang/gcc3 is recommended.
+Post bootstrap setup
+Here is an example mk.conf:
+--- Cut here ---
+# Configure scripts don't always get this right
+--- Cut here ---
+You also need to setup a few environment variables:
+You'll also want to set PATH, MANPATH and LIBPATH