AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
17 hoursrhash: properly reapply build fix for OSes without aligned_allocHEADtrunkgutteridge2-5/+5
18 hoursmultimedia/mpv: Move to ffmpeg5js1-3/+3
26 hoursgraphics/vtk: fix dependent builds that would fail to find a binary in cmakethor1-1/+4
31 hoursgraphics/freeimage: add patches to fix build on BE hosts.he3-1/+66
36 hoursdoc/TODO: add somewiz1-6/+16
47 hourslilypond: update some comments concerning language dependenciesgutteridge1-6/+7
2 daysnono: add fsharp-license, to support NetBSD/x68kjun1-2/+3
2 daysadd fsharp-license X68030 IPLROM imagejun1-0/+93
2 daysdatabases/sqlite: adopt upstream patch instead.he2-4/+116
2 daysNote update of databases/sqlite to 2.8.17nb3.he1-1/+2
2 daysdatabases/sqlite: reinstall masking in hash computation.he3-14/+5
2 daysgrub2: do not want -Werror in pkgsrcnia1-1/+2
3 daysNote update of databases/sqlite to 2.8.17nb2.he1-1/+2
3 daysdatabases/sqlite: add a minor fix to the lemon tool.he3-3/+30
3 daysUpdated sysutils/xenkernel413 to 4.13.4nb1bouyer1-1/+2
3 daysApply relevant Xen Security Advisory 385 up to 402, and 404 (403 stillbouyer12-2/+5412
3 daysFix build on netbsd-HEADbouyer5-3/+60
3 daysUpdated sysutils/xenkernel415 to 4.15.2nb2bouyer1-1/+2
3 daysApply patches for Xen security advisory 397 up to 402, and 404 (XSA403 stillbouyer9-3/+5054
3 dayslang/ocaml: Add workaround for NetBSD/i386 buildgdt1-1/+6
3 dayspy-sympy: use PKGMANDIR in ALTERNATIVES filewiz1-1/+1
3 daysdoc: Updated pkgtools/pkglint to 22.2.0rillig1-1/+2
3 dayspkgtools/pkglint: update to 22.2.0rillig11-60/+112
4 daysdoc: Updated devel/nss to 3.80wiz1-1/+2
4 daysnss: update to 3.80.wiz2-6/+6
4 daysdoc: Updated textproc/py-openpyxl to 2.6.4gutteridge1-1/+2
4 dayspy-openpyxl: update to 2.6.4gutteridge2-8/+7
4 daysdoc: fix typo in my NEWS entrynia1-4/+3
4 daysstrawberry: needs 'good' pluginsnia1-1/+2
4 daysgraphics/darktable: Depend on exiftoolgdt2-3/+10
4 daysdoc: NEWS of jperkin's infrastructure changenia1-1/+10
4 daysdoc: More NEWSnia1-1/+15
4 daysBump PKGREVISION for DESCR changebouyer2-4/+4
4 daysNote that Xen 4.11 is deprecated and will be dropped from pkgsrc soon.bouyer2-0/+6
4 daysmold: fix the build by reverting to using SYSTEM_TBB=1.fcambus1-2/+4
4 daysdevel/protobuf-c: needs -latomic on NetBSD/powerpc.he1-0/+13
4 daysdevel/py-pyvex: detect powerpc and handle it as 32-bit ppc.he2-1/+18
4 daysgdk-pixbuf2: Revert addition of docbook-xsl hack. The real problem isnia3-23/+2
4 daysdarktable: Only enable hack when GCC is in use.nia1-2/+2
4 daysdoc: Updated lang/tcl to 8.6.12nb3thor1-1/+2
4 dayslang/tcl: install modules like upstream wants, fixing pkg/56696thor4-54/+11
4 daysdoc: Updated devel/py-build to 0.8.0nb1wiz1-1/+2
4 dayspy-build: fix ALTERNATIVES entrywiz2-2/+3
4 daysdarktable: Remove x86-only restriction. "It looks like it should work".nia1-4/+3
4 daysdoc/TODO: + owncloudclient-2.10.1.wiz1-1/+2
4 daysdarktable: Fix building with GCC on NetBSD.nia2-19/+37
4 daystex-tabu: fix patch checksum in distinfowiz1-2/+2
4 daysopenldap-server: bump PKGREVISION again for distinfo fixwiz1-2/+2
4 daysopenldap: regen distinfo for new patchwiz1-1/+2
5 daysowncloudclient: mark as BROKEN, needs update for qt5 changeswiz1-1/+3