AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
28 hoursUpdated www/nginx to 1.22.0nb7HEADtrunkosa1-1/+3
29 hourswww/nginx*: update third-party lua module 0.10.21 -> 0.10.22osa7-22/+22
29 hoursmultimedia/libmpeg2: fix build on NetBSD/macppc.he3-3/+85
31 hoursdoc/TODO: + z3-4.11.2.wiz1-2/+2
31 hoursNote xapian bindings update.schmonz1-1/+8
31 hoursdoc: Updated textproc/xapian-omega to 1.4.21schmonz1-1/+2
31 hoursUpdate to 1.4.21. From the changelog:schmonz1-4/+4
31 hoursReset PKGREVISION on xapian update.schmonz2-4/+2
31 hoursdoc: Updated textproc/xapian to 1.4.21schmonz1-1/+2
31 hoursUpdate to 1.4.21. From the changelog:schmonz3-10/+10
33 hoursNote update of math/z3 to 4.8.3nb4.he1-1/+2
33 hoursmath/z3: make this build on NetBSD/macppc 9.99.99.he5-3/+144
33 hoursfelinks: don't need to set GITHUB_PROJECTtnn1-2/+1
33 hourswhitespacetnn1-1/+3
33 hoursdoc: Updated www/felinks to 0.15.1tnn2-3/+3
33 hoursfelinks: catch up with upstream repo rename. Update to 0.15.1tnn2-15/+14
34 hourshtop: Add options for selecting curses typekim2-1/+13
35 hourswebkit-gtk: Set USE_PKGSRC_GCC_(RUNTIME) when building on NetBSD 9nia1-1/+8
36 hoursRevbump due to fixing linkage with libpisock in pilot-link-libsnros6-12/+12
36 hoursReally make sure libpisock is linked with -lm -- should fix compilation ofnros1-2/+6
37 hoursdoc/TODO: add somewiz1-3/+10
47 hoursdevel/devIL: make this build & install on NetBSD/macppc.he5-2/+61
47 hoursUpdated meta-pkgs/gstreamer1-default-backendadam1-1/+2
47 hoursgstreamer1-default-backend: updated to 1.1 - added macos pluginsadam1-2/+7
47 hoursAdded audio/gst-plugins1-osxaudio, multimedia/gst-plugins1-osxvideoadam1-1/+3
47 hoursgst-plugins1-osxvideo: added version 1.20.3adam4-1/+26
47 hoursgst-plugins1-osxaudio: added version 1.20.3adam4-1/+26
2 daysRemove DESCR. xapian bindings are using DESCR_SRC from xapian/,schmonz1-1/+0
2 daysRemove a vestige of Python 2.x support.schmonz1-2/+1
2 daysPoint to the upstream bug with notes about PHP 8 compatibility.schmonz1-1/+2
2 daysRemove conditional-logic remnants for older Ruby versions no longer in pkgsrc.schmonz2-27/+16
2 dayscollectd-varnish: not BROKEN since recent varnish commitwiz1-3/+1
2 daysopenjdk8: attempt to work around build failure on aarch64nia2-1/+30
2 dayshs-cryptonite: need to be included herenia1-1/+3
2 daysdevilutionx: Avoid forcing static linkage against libstdc++nia3-3/+26
2 dayslibtorrent-rasterbar: Use GNU language variant to get builtin alloca CVS: ---...nia1-2/+3
2 daysvelena: cannot build on aarch64 due to -m32 usagenia1-1/+2
2 dayswarzone2100: Needs gnu standard variant to get alloca builtinnia1-1/+4
2 days9base: do not force static linkingnia1-15/+4
2 dayscsharp-xapian: fix PLIST, bump PKGREVISIONwiz2-3/+4
2 dayshs-cryptonite: Fix PLIST on aarch64nia2-5/+10
2 dayslibstark: requires sse4, mark as x86_64-onlynia1-1/+4
2 daysWCMCommander: needs gnu language variant for alloca builtinnia1-1/+4
2 dayscollectd-varnish: mark as BROKEN, builds on no platformnia1-1/+3
2 daysfindcrcs: Give up pretending this is supposed to work on anything but amd64nia1-1/+4
2 daysytree: on NetBSD build with PIC-enabled version of libcompat.ania1-3/+5
2 dayskhtml: appears to build alloca-using code with std=c++1znia1-1/+2
2 daysbulk-test-go: Correct hugo PKGNAME, fix buildbsiegert1-3/+3
2 daysmono: Don't assume <sys/auxv.h> is available on NetBSD/aarch64nia2-1/+36
2 daysvte3: Attempt to fix on aarch64 with workaround for GCC 10 toolchain bugnia1-0/+10