AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2011-01-18(re)add giflib-4.1.6, a library for the GIF image format which isFREEBSDdrochner2-77/+28
2006-04-18SuSE 10.0 Motif library compatibility package, based on thetron1-25/+21
2005-04-01Import jakarta-tomcat 5.5.7abs1-61/+72
2005-01-23New package for dtcpclient-20040923, Dynamic Tunnel Configuration Protocol cl...hamajima7-0/+147
2005-01-14Initial import of kajaani-kombat:wiz1-95/+25
2004-07-17Initial import of ap2-pythondarcy6-0/+104
2004-06-21Import auth module for PostgreSQL and Apache 2. Based on the FreeBSD port.darcy4-0/+50
2004-06-05New package for dtcp-20030228, Dynamic Tunnel Configuration Protocol daemon a...hamajima7-0/+279
2004-02-11Initial import of gnuls, version 5.0:jmmv2-455/+44
2003-04-11Re-import of Emacs 21, which has settled down in editors/emacs21.uebayasi2-237/+65
2001-03-26Initial import of yodl-1.31.18:jtb1-22/+16
2001-03-07Initial import of 'rpm2cpio' package from FreeBSD Ports collection.kei4-0/+39
2001-02-24Initial import of fox:sakamoto9-0/+336
2001-02-24Initial import of cu-prolog:jtb10-0/+164
2000-11-30Routines for construction and handling of network packetshubertf6-116/+40
2000-08-25Import "sdcc" from the FreeBSD port collection:tron13-0/+950
2000-08-11libnids 1.13itojun5-0/+41
2000-08-11libnet 1.0.1bitojun7-0/+144
2000-08-11trafshow 3.1itojun7-0/+81
2000-08-03Conversion of FreeBSD port of fbm-1.2 to NetBSD package as provided in PRrh5-67/+60
2000-08-03Initial import of the FreeBSD fbm-1.2 port, a set of Fuzzy Pixmaprh6-0/+458
2000-07-31tcpillust, tcp flow graphical vieweritojun5-0/+59
2000-07-15Conversion of the FreeBSD port of bottlerocket to a NetBSD package asrh4-10/+11
2000-07-15Initial import of the FreeBSD port of bottlerocket-0.04c, a homerh6-0/+54
2000-05-19fping 1.20 - Quickly ping many hosts w/o flooding the networkabs9-0/+238
2000-04-03Import FreeBSD's "xengine" port:sakamoto6-0/+82
2000-03-28Import "tidy" from FreeBSD ports collection:tron7-0/+94
2000-03-23Import "uemacs" port from FreeBSD ports collection:tron12-0/+1431
2000-03-07Import "xmms" package from FreeBSD ports collection:tron9-0/+442
1999-12-28omega, a rouge like games, from freebsdproff12-0/+272
1999-12-26mail/rblcheck from freebsd-currentitojun7-0/+204
1999-12-26mail/mailagent from freebsd-currentitojun15-0/+351
1999-12-26mail/distribute from freebsd-currentitojun8-0/+146
1999-12-16Initial import of FreeBSD's "textutils" package:bouyer6-0/+130
1999-12-15import pkgsrc/lang/ghc from FreeBSD-currentproff6-0/+233
1999-12-14Initial import of FreeBSD's "swish-e" package:bouyer7-0/+104
1999-12-14Initial import of FreeBSD's "hypermail" package:bouyer9-0/+122
1999-12-14Import FreeBSD's "xemeraldia" port:sakamoto8-0/+95
1999-12-14Import FreeBSD's "pysol" port:sakamoto5-0/+2017
1999-12-14Import FreeBSD's "xbat" port:sakamoto6-0/+787
1999-12-08A Standard ML implementation from Bell-Labs. Implements the SML '97 definitionproff8-0/+369
1999-12-06Convert FreeBSD port to NetBSD port. This closes PR 8961 by Greg A. Woods,rh2-17/+22
1999-12-06Initial import of FreeBSD postmark-1.11, a netapps filesystem benchmark.rh5-0/+52
1999-12-04import FreeBSD-current package for mtr-0.41:sommerfeld8-0/+91
1999-11-02Import FreeBSD's "ja-xjman" port:sakamoto11-0/+592
1999-09-28Import xaniroc from FreeBSD ports - animates your root cursor.simonb5-0/+28
1999-09-17Import FreeBSD's "ruby-gtk" port:sakamoto6-0/+116
1999-09-17Import FreeBSD's "rubytk" port:sakamoto5-0/+123
1999-09-12Simple proxy arp daemondbj8-0/+135
1999-09-11LPRng 3.6.6: An Enhanced Printer Spooler. From FreeBSD ports collection.jlam9-0/+275