AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2016-12-15Added devel/bfg version 1.12.14TNFabs4-0/+53
2016-10-25 Initial import of Asterisk 14. It has been tested to compilejnemeth58-0/+6653
2016-07-26phpredis 3.0.0jdolecek3-0/+41
2016-07-26Add php-apcu_bc 1.0.3 - module provides a backwards APC compatible API using ...jdolecek3-0/+42
2016-07-09Imported bunny from pkgsrc-wip.rillig4-0/+35
2016-07-04The Xen virtual machine monitor allows running several virtual machinesjnemeth68-0/+3017
2016-07-04Xen is a hypervisor which supports running multiple guest operatingjnemeth12-0/+192
2016-06-09Command line interface for testing internet bandwidth using
2016-06-06Initial import of devel/lua-rocks version 2.3.0.alnsn7-0/+176
2016-06-05Initial import of devel/lua-coxpcall version 1.16.0.alnsn4-0/+43
2016-06-04Initial import of net/lua-copas, version 2.0.1.alnsn5-0/+55
2016-05-29Added devel/libite version 1.6.0abs7-0/+122
2016-04-14Added net/tvnjviewer version 2.7.2abs4-0/+43
2016-01-30Initial import of textproc/LDoc version 1.4.3.alnsn4-0/+76
2016-01-11Added net/restclient-ui version 3.5abs4-0/+46
2016-01-11Added devel/visualvm version 1.3.8abs5-0/+401
2015-12-31Import pkgng (the freebsd package management tool, aka pkg), versionagc9-0/+382
2015-12-31Import boringssl into the packages collection. This is a tar file ofagc10-0/+242
2015-12-05`cat ../comment`jnemeth58-0/+5818
2015-11-22Import gimme-20151122, a tool for building packages in a chroot, into theagc6-0/+315
2015-10-18Import NVIDIA Tegra SOC firmware as sysutils/tegra-firmware.jmcneill4-0/+55
2015-09-11Import p5-Geo-Ellipsoid 1.12bouyer3-0/+29
2015-09-11Import p5-Geo-Gpx-0.26 to pkgsrcbouyer3-0/+33
2015-09-11Import p5-XML-Descent-1.04 to pkgsrcbouyer3-0/+28
2015-09-11Import p5-XML-TokeParser 0.05 to pkgsrcbouyer3-0/+35
2015-07-22Import Gabedit 2.4.8 as biology/gabedit.asau5-0/+86
2015-07-21Import ProjectLibre 1.6.1 as time/projectlibre.asau4-0/+78
2015-07-20Import SQL Workbench/J build 117 as databases/sql-workbench.asau4-0/+171
2015-07-19Import SQuirreL SQL Client 3.6 as databases/squirrelsql.asau5-0/+340
2015-07-19Import jdbc-postgresql94-1201 as databases/jdbc-postgresql94.asau4-0/+52
2015-07-19Import jdbc-postgresql93-1103 as databases/jdbc-postgresql93.asau4-0/+52
2015-07-09Import mtx version 1.3.12 to pkgsrc, based on the FreeBSD port.bouyer8-0/+267
2015-07-03Added editors/yed version 3.14.2abs5-0/+75
2015-06-16Added net/grive2 version
2015-06-11Added sysutils/rdfind version 1.3.4abs4-0/+27
2015-04-20xrootconsole is a small utility which displays its input in a transparentcheusov6-0/+78
2015-04-20Initial import of devel/py-lupa, version 1.1.alnsn6-0/+54
2015-04-19trayer-srg-1.1.6 imported from wip/cheusov4-0/+41
2015-04-03Import lua-ljsyscall version 0.10 by Justin Cormack.alnsn4-0/+155
2015-01-17Initial import of Lua 5.3.0.alnsn11-0/+318
2015-01-11csvkit is a suite of utilities for converting to and working with CSV,cheusov6-0/+230
2014-12-12add libbpg-0.9.2, an image formatting library designed to replace JPEGagc7-0/+118
2014-12-01MySQL Cluster is a highly scalable, real-time, ACID-compliantjnemeth51-0/+17065
2014-11-09Initial import of libsafec, providing bounds checking memory and stringagc7-0/+114
2014-11-02Initial import of libgfshare-1.0.5, a library which implements Shamir'sagc4-0/+40
2014-10-29CRFSuite is an implementation of Conditional Random Fields (CRFs) forcheusov9-0/+134
2014-10-29This library is a C port of the implementation of Limited-memorycheusov6-0/+57
2014-10-29LibShortText is an open source tool for short-text classification andcheusov5-0/+132
2014-10-25New package time/py-jdcalcheusov4-0/+28
2014-10-25Imported from wip/py-openpyxlcheusov4-0/+530