AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2002-12-22Bring forward the dependency information from Makefile version 1.4, vianetbsd_1_6agc1-2/+2
2002-12-22Update gtar* to 1.13.25 on the netbsd-1-6 pkgsrc branch, for securityagc8-31/+135
2002-12-22*** empty log message ***agc2-52/+0
2002-12-22Update gtar* to 1.13.25 on the netbsd-1-6 pkgsrc branch, for securityagc7-566/+360
2002-11-29Pull upagc2-4/+4
2002-11-29Pull up the change from rev 1.13 to 1.14 of pkgsrc/x11/kdelibs3/Makefileagc1-5/+10
2002-11-13Pullup the differences between versions 1.13 and 1.14 ofagc1-1/+8
2002-11-12Pullup a fix from -current pkgsrc to the netbsd-1-6 pkgsrc branchagc1-1/+14
2002-11-12Pullup the change between rev 1.24 and 1.25 ofagc1-5/+5
2002-11-12Pullup the change between rev 1.78 and 1.79 ofagc1-4/+4
2002-11-12Pull up pkgsrc/mail/squirrelmailagc3-11/+34
2002-10-24Pull the following up to the 1.6 branch (requested by agc):wiz20-68/+61
2002-10-23Update the apache6 package on the netbsd-1-6 pkgsrc branch to versionagc3-12/+13
2002-10-14Update fetchmail and fetchmailconf to version 6.1.0 on the pkgsrcagc3-8/+9
2002-10-12Pull up the following revisionsagc7-86/+278
2002-10-11Pullup the following versions:agc5-37/+38
2002-10-09Pullup revision 1.3 of pkgsrc/lang/siod/patches/patch-aa onto theagc2-4/+4
2002-10-09Pullup rev 1.1 of pkgsrc/print/LPRng-core/patches/patch-aa onto theagc2-1/+17
2002-10-09Pullup version 1.3 of pkgsrc/mbone/common-mml, revs 1.1 ofagc6-2/+67
2002-10-09Pull up version 1.2 of patches/patch-ad to the netbsd-1-6 branch of pkgsrc.agc2-1/+15
2002-09-25Bring forward the mod from 1.21 of games/crafty/Makefile to the 1.6agc1-1/+3
2002-09-25Pullup version 1.14 of graphics/blender/Makefile to the 1.6 pkgsrc branch.agc1-7/+12
2002-09-12Pull up 1.4, requested by jschauma:wiz1-3/+7
2002-09-12Pullup v1.34, requested by agc, tested by hubertf:wiz1-9/+4
2002-09-05Pullup Makefile versions 1.12-1.13, with a manual edit to removeagc2-8/+8
2002-09-05Pull up versions 1.42-1.44 of Makefile, and version 1.4 of PLIST, to theagc2-2/+10
2002-09-05Pull up version 1.3 of Makefile, and version 1.2 of distinfo, to theagc2-5/+5
2002-09-05Pull up versions 1.2 of Makefile PLIST and distinfo to the netbsd-1-6 pkgsrcagc10-24/+26
2002-09-05Pull up revision 1.9 of Makefile to the netbsd-1-6 branch for pkgsrc.agc1-3/+3
2002-09-02Pull up version 1.3 of Makefile, and version 1.3 of distinfo, to theagc2-8/+6
2002-09-02Pull up version 1.39 of Makefile to the pkgsrc 1.6 branch.agc1-1/+2
2002-08-29Pull up version 1.20 of the Makefile onto the netbsd-1-6 pkgsrc branch.agc1-3/+2
2002-08-28Pull up revision 1.19 of Makefile to netbsd-1-6 branch of pkgsrc.agc1-2/+2
2002-08-21Pullup the update of the arla package to version 0.35.9 onto the 1.6agc19-6/+1030
2002-08-21Pull up revision 1.52 of the package Makefile onto the 1.6 pkgsrc branch.agc1-1/+5
2002-08-20Pull upwiz3-8/+8
2002-08-20Pull upwiz3-8/+11
2002-08-20Pullup version 1.6 of patch-ac onto the pkgsrc 1.6 branch, and regenagc2-4/+4
2002-08-20Pullup versionsagc7-23/+51
2002-08-20Pull up 1.12 of patches/patch-ab (new file) to the 1.6 branch, andwiz2-2/+3
2002-08-20Pullup version 1.30 of devel/gmake/Makefile, and version 1.82 ofagc2-2/+17
2002-08-20Pull up 1.23, requested by hubertf:wiz1-2/+2
2002-08-20Pull up 1.12, requested by hubertf:wiz1-1/+5
2002-08-20Pullup version 1.1 of patch-ag to the pkgsrc 1.6 branch, and regenagc2-2/+3
2002-08-20Pullup PLIST.SunOS version 1.4 to the 1.6 pkgsrc branch.agc1-3/+3
2002-08-20Pullup revisions 1.58 and 1.59 to the 1.6 pkgsrc branch.agc94-4440/+2275
2002-08-19Make lsof 4.64 build under 1.5 again. Once 4.65 comes out, this patchatatat2-1/+20
2002-08-19Add and enable ispell-romanian (hi jim!)wiz1-1/+2
2002-08-19Update to version 2.7d. From the NEWS file:fredb3-28/+5