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2003-09-02Remove -R* options from the dependency_libs lines of *.la and *.lai files.pkgviews_mkjlam1-1/+10
2003-09-02Sync to HEAD before merging back.jlam4-14/+20
2003-08-31Add a README file that documents pkgviews and buildlink3.jlam1-0/+159
2003-08-31Move the PKGVIEWS file into buildlink3 and rename it "TODO". This filejlam1-6/+1
2003-08-31Okay, now that I've read the file and actually understand what it's tryingjlam1-48/+25
2003-08-31Also strip out -L@WRKSRC@ since the libraries may be in the top-leveljlam1-2/+2
2003-08-31Make USE_X11_LINKS=NO mean "don't add a dependency on x11-links".jlam1-7/+14
2003-08-31Pull in "depot" command from buildlink3 and use it consistently.jlam2-6/+19
2003-08-31Actually, make sure that we don't try to remove broken packages on thejlam1-9/+15
2003-08-31Check to see if DEPOTBASE is different from PKG_DBDIR as an optimization.jlam1-9/+23
2003-08-31Fix some whitespace and remove a redundant ".PHONY: tags" target.jlam1-5/+4
2003-08-30Sync to HEAD.jlam3-11/+5
2003-08-30Missed one more.jlam1-2/+2
2003-08-30The comment in the example file in the comments had a typo:jlam1-2/+2
2003-08-30Require 20030823 of the pkg_install tools to get fixes in pkg_add(1) sojlam1-2/+2
2003-08-30There are three different parts we can add to the common transformingjlam1-2/+18
2003-08-30Protect references to ${PREFIX} and ${X11BASE} directories from beingjlam1-2/+34
2003-08-30Allow a transformation to be _only_ for either transform or untransform.jlam1-5/+23
2003-08-30_PKG_DBDIR is in fact set in this very file. Thanks, seb!jlam1-2/+2
2003-08-30Sync to HEAD.jlam2-3/+3
2003-08-30* Change the mangled directory name style so that it's possible tojlam1-7/+15
2003-08-30Add a new command "depot:src:dst" that translates "src/<dir>/" into "dst/".jlam1-38/+51
2003-08-30Strip leading spaces from dependency_libs in the modified .lai file.jlam1-1/+2
2003-08-29Fix up building X11 packages and fix _BLNK_LT_ARCHIVE_FILTER to translatejlam1-26/+39
2003-08-29Don't stomp on PLIST_SRC if using dynamic PLISTs. Instead, make bsd.pkg.mkjlam1-6/+7
2003-08-29Support two new variables:jlam3-8/+34
2003-08-29buildlink2 no longer uses BUILDLINK_X11PKG_DIR, so reap it.jlam1-6/+4
2003-08-28Deal with "-Wl,--rpath -Wl,/path/to/dir" by compressing it into a singlejlam6-8/+48
2003-08-28Avoid removing bare -[ILR], etc. You're allowed to put a space betweenjlam1-7/+20
2003-08-28Properly preserve some whitespace during tranformations.jlam1-10/+10
2003-08-28Second pass at making buildink3 usable by overwrite packages. Thisjlam2-46/+106
2003-08-27(*) Automatically add BUILDLINK_CPPFLAGS.<pkg> and BUILDLINK_LDFLAGS.<pkg>,jlam1-8/+32
2003-08-27Correct the glob so that we actually match -L${BUILDLINK_DIR}/* andjlam1-2/+2
2003-08-27Correct the glob so that we actually match -L${BUILDLINK_DIR}/* andjlam1-2/+2
2003-08-27Add code to unbuildlinkify files and libtool archives.jlam2-5/+46
2003-08-27Add some .PHONY targets for correctness.jlam1-1/+4
2003-08-27Sync to HEAD for subst.mkjlam17-119/+193
2003-08-27First pass at allowing overwrite packages to build using buildlink3.jlam1-45/+150
2003-08-27Remove spurious line that causes spewage for "static" action.jlam1-2/+1
2003-08-27Promote buildlink3 framework into something that can be chosen by settingjlam1-13/+10
2003-08-27Rename BUILDLINK_DEPOT to BUILDLINK_PKG_DBDIR to more accurately reflectjlam1-13/+12
2003-08-27Add a new su-able target "remove-views" that removes a package from thejlam1-1/+30
2003-08-27Cut-n-pasto: s/GREP/GMAKE/ in the GNU make section.jlam1-2/+2
2003-08-27Some speed optimizations so that we don't keep evaluating some variablesjlam2-17/+29
2003-08-27Forgot a USE_GMAKE => USE_GNU_TOOLS+=make.jlam1-5/+6
2003-08-26Sync to HEADjlam11-28/+91
2003-08-26Move the PKG_INSTALLATION_TYPE and _PKG_DBDIR definitions intojlam2-14/+19
2003-08-26Separate the concepts of where the metadata for a depoted package are, andjlam1-6/+12
2003-08-26ename some private variables so that they begin with _BLNK.jlam1-4/+4
2003-08-26Avoid executing pkg_info when we don't have to.jlam1-15/+14