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13 hoursnet/tut: Also install sample themes.HEADtrunkvins2-4/+12
14 hoursdoc: Added x11/xlax version 2.4vins1-1/+2
14 hoursAdd xlax to x11/Makefile.vins1-1/+2
14 hoursx11/xlax: import package from wip.vins9-0/+316
xlax is an X11 input multiplexer: keyboard input can be set from a xlax instance to a group of windows simultaneously. It allows the user to assign a custom string to each window (e.g. a hostname) that can be sent with a button click. An included script handles starting up and arranging windows, and permits to define commonly used window groupings in a config file.
14 hoursAdded devel/ccache3; Updated devel/pcre2adam1-1/+3
14 hourspcre2: updated to 2.10.41adam4-13/+12
PCRE2-10.41 Mainly bug fixes and tidies; pcre2grep has been made more like GNU grep for multiple patterns that match more than once on a line.
14 hoursdoc: Updated time/py-vdirsyncer to 0.19.0wiz2-3/+3
14 hourspy-vdirsyncer: update to 0.19.0.wiz3-15/+19
Version 0.19.0 ============== - Add "shell" password fetch strategy to pass command string to a shell. - Add "description" and "order" as metadata. These fetch the CalDAV: calendar-description, ``CardDAV:addressbook-description`` and ``apple-ns:calendar-order`` properties respectively. - Add a new ``showconfig`` status. This prints *some* configuration values as JSON. This is intended to be used by external tools and helpers that interact with ``vdirsyncer``, and considered experimental. - Update TLS-related tests that were failing due to weak MDs. :gh:`903` - ``pytest-httpserver`` and ``trustme`` are now required for tests. - ``pytest-localserver`` is no longer required for tests. - Multithreaded support has been dropped. The ``"--max-workers`` has been removed. - A new ``asyncio`` backend is now used. So far, this shows substantial speed improvements in ``discovery`` and ``metasync``, but little change in `sync`. This will likely continue improving over time. :gh:`906` - The ``google`` storage types no longer require ``requests-oauthlib``, but require ``python-aiohttp-oauthlib`` instead. - Vdirsyncer no longer includes experimental support for `EteSync <>`_. The existing integration had not been supported for a long time and no longer worked. Support for external storages may be added if anyone is interested in maintaining an EteSync plugin. EteSync users should consider using `etesync-dav`_. - The ``plist`` for macOS has been dropped. It was broken and homebrew generates their own based on package metadata. macOS users are encouraged to use that as a reference. .. _etesync-dav: Changes to SSL configuration ---------------------------- Support for ``md5`` and ``sha1`` certificate fingerprints has been dropped. If you're validating certificate fingerprints, use ``sha256`` instead. When using a custom ``verify_fingerprint``, CA validation is always disabled. If ``verify_fingerprint`` is unset, CA verification is always active. Disabling both features is insecure and no longer supported. The ``verify`` parameter no longer takes boolean values, it is now optional and only takes a string to a custom CA for verification. The ``verify`` and ``verify_fingerprint`` will likely be merged into a single parameter in future.
14 hoursccache3: resurrected version 3 of ccacheadam5-1/+37
14 hoursdoc: Added devel/py-test-httpserver version 1.0.6wiz1-1/+2
14 hoursdevel/Makefile: + py-test-httpserverwiz1-1/+2
14 hoursdevel/py-test-httpserver: import py-test-httpserver-1.0.6wiz4-0/+58
This library is designed to help to test http clients without contacting the real http server. In other words, it is a fake http server which is accessible via localhost can be started with the pre-defined expected http requests and their responses.
15 hoursdoc: Updated www/py-aiohttp to 3.8.3nb1wiz1-1/+2
15 hourspy-aiohttp: unrestrict charset-normalizer dependencywiz3-3/+21
pkgsrc has a newer version Bump PKGREVISION. Fix pkglint while here.
15 hoursdoc: Added devel/py-aiostream version 0.4.5wiz1-1/+2
15 hoursdevel/Makefile: + py-aiostreamwiz1-1/+2
15 hoursdevel/py-aiostream: import py310-aiostream-0.4.5wiz4-0/+92
aiostream provides a collection of stream operators that can be combined to create asynchronous pipelines of operations. It can be seen as an asynchronous version of itertools, although some aspects are slightly different. Essentially, all the provided operators return a unified interface called a stream. A stream is an enhanced asynchronous iterable providing the following features: * Operator pipe-lining - using pipe symbol | * Repeatability - every iteration creates a different iterator * Safe iteration context - using async with and the stream method * Simplified execution - get the last element from a stream using await * Slicing and indexing - using square brackets [] * Concatenation - using addition symbol +
15 hoursdoc: Updated audio/musicpd to 0.23.11wiz2-3/+3
15 hoursmusicpd: update to 0.23.11.wiz3-13/+12
ver 0.23.11 (2022/11/28) * database - simple: move default database to ~/.cache/mpd/db from ~/.cache/mpd.db - simple: default "cache_directory" to ~/.cache/mpd/mounts * macOS: fix build failure "no archive members specified" * Windows - fix crash bug (stack buffer overflow) after I/O errors - fix path traversal bug because backslash was allowed in playlist names * Android/Windows - update OpenSSL to 3.0.7 - re-enable CURL's verbose error strings
15 hoursgraphics/ximaging: Reset maintainer to reflect changed mail address.vins1-2/+2
15 hoursdoc: Updated multimedia/libbluray to 1.3.4wiz2-3/+3
15 hourslibbluray: update to 1.3.4.wiz2-7/+6
2022-11-25: Version 1.3.4 - Improve API documentation. - Improve JVM probing. - Improve support for FreeBSD and Solaris. - Improve .jar file search. - Add configure option to build without external libudfread.
15 hoursdoc: Updated devel/gtexinfo to 7.0.1wiz2-3/+3
15 hoursgtexinfo: update to 7.0.1.wiz2-6/+6
7.0.1 (30 November 2022) This is a bug-fix release with minimal changes. * texi2any . avoid crashes on empty @image argument and other potential crashes (with "Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference" message) . avoid hang on @ref command inside section command * info . fix recoding of UTF-8 files to ASCII when run in C locale * js . index search fixed for new HTML output . some obsolete files removed from distribution
15 hoursshells/etsh: Makefile revision.vins1-14/+16
* Replace the SUBST routine with REPLACE_INTERPRETER. * Replace MAKEFLAGS with MAKE_FLAGS. * Corrently set INSTALL_ENV in the post-install target.
18 hoursUpdated databases/prometheusadam1-1/+2
18 hoursprometheus: updated to 2.40.5adam4-1385/+764
2.40.5 / 2022-12-01 [BUGFIX] TSDB: Fix queries involving native histograms due to improper reset of iterators. 2.40.4 / 2022-11-29 [SECURITY] Fix basic authentication bypass vulnerability (CVE-2022-46146). 2.40.3 / 2022-11-23 [BUGFIX] TSDB: Fix compaction after a deletion is called. 2.40.2 / 2022-11-16 [BUGFIX] UI: Fix black-on-black metric name color in dark mode. 2.40.1 / 2022-11-09 [BUGFIX] TSDB: Fix alignment for atomic int64 for 32 bit architecture. [BUGFIX] Scrape: Fix accept headers. 2.40.0 / 2022-11-08 This release introduces an experimental, native way of representing and storing histograms. It can be enabled in Prometheus via --enable-feature=native-histograms to accept native histograms. Enabling native histograms will also switch the preferred exposition format to protobuf. To instrument your application with native histograms, use the v1.14.0 or later of client_golang and set the NativeHistogramBucketFactor in your HistogramOpts (1.1 is a good starting point). Your existing histograms won't switch to native histograms until NativeHistogramBucketFactor is set. [FEATURE] Add experimental support for native histograms. Enable with the flag --enable-feature=native-histograms. [FEATURE] SD: Add service discovery for OVHcloud. [ENHANCEMENT] Kubernetes SD: Use protobuf encoding. [ENHANCEMENT] TSDB: Use for improved sorting speed. [ENHANCEMENT] Consul SD: Add enterprise admin partitions. Adds __meta_consul_partition label. Adds partition config in consul_sd_config. [BUGFIX] API: Fix API error codes for /api/v1/labels and /api/v1/series.
19 hoursccache: update compiler requirementsadam1-2/+4
19 hoursREADME.Cygwin: if using git, make sure to checkout with Unix line endings.schmonz1-1/+15
20 hoursdoc: Added x11/xcursor-core-hr version 20220127vins1-1/+2
20 hoursAdd xcursor-core-hr to x11/Makefile.vins1-1/+2
20 hoursx11/xcursor: import package from wip.vins6-0/+114
This Xcursor theme contains 24 and 32 pixel pointer sets built upon the look of X11 core cursors. These should work well with screens around 100 to 150 DPI.
20 hoursReset maintainer for my packages to reflect new mail address.vins14-28/+28
20 hoursdoc: Added misc/plan9port version 20220912vins1-1/+2
20 hoursAdd plan9port to misc/Makefile.vins1-1/+2
20 hoursmk: Use gcc12 for gfortran on Darwin/aarch64.jperkin1-1/+5
20 hoursmisc/plan9port: import package from wip.vins14-0/+8515
Plan 9 from User Space (aka plan9port) is a port of many Plan 9 programs from their native Plan 9 environment to Unix-like operating systems.
20 hoursgcc12: Support Darwin/aarch64.jperkin2-2/+14
21 hoursAdd print/poppler-qt6 version 22.10.0 to pkgsrc-currentnros6-2/+79
This is the QT6 wrapper for poppler, a PDF rendering library. It is a fork of the xpdf 3.0 PDF viewer developed by Derek Noonburg of Glyph and Cog, LLC. Poppler provides PDF rendering functionality as a shared library, to centralize the maintenence effort and to reduce duplicated effort. And the poppler developers would like to move libpoppler forward in a number of areas that doesn't fit within the goals of xpdf.
21 hoursdoc: Updated lang/rakudo to 2022.12mef1-1/+2
21 hours(lang/rakudo) Updated 2022.06 to 2022.12mef3-50/+49
New in 2022.12: + Improvements: + Improve flow of calling from a script [57337212] + Make the "needle (elem) list" message more clear [958537b1] + Make X::TypeCheck::Assignment message better [05d60e21] + Simplify X::TypeCheck::Assignment for containers [1e30b43c] + Additions: + Allow for --no-foo as alternative to --/foo when %SUB-MAIN-OPTS<allow-no> is set [61617b12] + Allow for -j2 as an alternative to --j=2 when %SUB-MAIN-OPTS<numeric-suffix-as-value> [388924d6] + Allow for .skip(produce,skip,produce,skip,...) in 6.e [2a1ace84] + Introduce "nano" term in 6.e [10feda11][feb97323] + Add IO::Path.created returning the Instant a path was created [dbf035d8] + Introduce // as a definedness prefix operator in 6.e [d05f7eed] + Add method Any.snitch in 6.e [10066021] + Introduce Dateish.days-in-year method [3d181c89][4d43bbf9][67513cb8] + Add rotor-like capability to Str.comb in 6.e [84abeb52] + Make sure Type.are also works [983cf3ec] + Implement IO::Path.chown and chown() [1e02f566] + Efficiency: + Add a lot of uint candidates for a lot of ops [47f9b286] + Add proper support for uint comparisons [25c76aed] + Fixes: + Make List:D.iterator a multi so that List:U.iterator works [5ad2c0c6] + Add missing Allomorph.words method [59a34853] + Revert "Add CUR::Staging.candidates method" to fix issue with precompiling modules for packaging [9360c650][6937da17][454752e3] + Implement nominalizable transparency for definites [71de2232][c915b07c] + Make World's `is_type` method more reliable [13f7416c] + Don't blindly make a Version object for vN [7ddb90ce] + Add missing $obj? to Perl6::Metamodel::JavaHOW.archetypes [d059921b] + Fix role parameterization over generics [94f3028e] + Get job done well for coercive nominalizeables [9e18b391] + Make generics work with return type in signature [a3021944][47c35cab] [4cdb5585] + Make (1,2,3,4,1,2).QuantHash>>-- work [63d03eb8][d0ec99a8] + Report deprecated subs/methods that are hidden-from-backtrace [43a6575b] + Feeds require .append to work, not .push [29eadbb2] + Make feed error message more comprehensible [2070ceeb] + Fix module installation writing precomp files into the wrong precomp store [cc7193d0] + Fix NEXT / LEAVE phaser interaction on JVM [ce1af0fa] + Fix definite type parameterization [07164fec] [8a7d84c5] + Fix a regression introduced by new 'dispatch' path related to smartmatch [35b180b8] + Make sure that Array.raku doesn't die on a lazy iterator [2037ffba] + Make sure .elems don't mention the class [3859d6cb] + Fix smartmatch in EVAL regression [0a9e2014][2702b001] + Avoid loss in precision on FatRat .Str conversion [441e71a5] + Revert "Simplify setting up standard handles" to fix seemingly unrelated issue with IO::Notifications not working [64f552f3] + Removals: + Remove nqp::p6client* ops [126aa804] + Internal: + Tune Java in response to nqp's (de)serialization rewrite [018e549b] [5a57f84e][18122e02][a78033f1] + Reuse $v-how instead of calling HOW again [191964c5] + Change internal API of RI:Snip [feb04dbe] + Move the iterator logic of Str.comb(N) to RI::Ngrams [e826dbdc][d12461b0] + Actions: Avoid repeated $<sym> eq 'S' [bc3b5824] New in 2022.07: + Changes: + Re-imagine / Str.DateTime [aa462b41] + Make sort() a runtime error [0c9169dc] + Implement coercion via new-disp and re-consider return typechecking dispatcher [7774c331][4ab61720][efd610cb][b4a26fbe][3e45f709][6c3cb859] [f448ac47][a9606b29] + Make Iterable.hyper|race take Any as a default for :batch and :degree [d73d035e] + Additions: + Implement fallback support for MRO [1128d5cf][83197e34][9710a85e] + Add IO::Path inode, dev, and devtype methods [5c4970c5][599a6362] [6dc2f92c] + Add sub version of .head / .skip / .tail [af31b1df] + Implement Haskell's "span" as "snip" in 6.e [16ccb573] + Removals: + Efficiency: + Add native sub versions for .elems and .end (up to 4x speedup) [4fedb6f0] + Make coercions up to 1.6x as fast [5a8aa66b] + Add candidates for sub substr(str,int,int) for up to 2.8x speedup [09ead96e] + Fixes: + Fix cases where we try calling methods on BOOTCode [4130846b] + Make PostionalBindFailover.iterator die [dd7f3eb9] + Fix subclasses of .Date(Time) coercion [1a7b4b1b] + Revert relaxation of positional bind failover binding [bb944723] + Fix an LTA error message on passing Seq to a List parameter [db13e402] + Fix copy-pasto in error message for native unsigned ints [ffdeecd1] + Add missing private error handling method in Buf[32a40791] + Consider Positional/Associative type parameters in optional defaults [7148da1c] + Fix a deep recursion issue in return typecheck dispatcher [9fa76ec6] [808b0768] + Fix a regression where coercing into a role didn't work [0e09a287] + Implement lazy 'handles' trait application for methods [6430d41d] + Get around a problem where a module duplicates method objects [324adc5a] + Fix lone "-" in MAIN handling with :named-anywhere [3d3966b0] + Add ACCEPTS method for DateTime [31779f47][621d69e0] + Fix some cases of coercion over containerized values [fbe3acd0] [02f32d51] + Make code object based delegation 6.e feature [c6c8dfee] + Internal: + Micro-opt on CoercionHOW.typecheck [41e07ab9] + Make coercion more easily inlineable [eceea95c] + Simplify $has_varname setting [378a89e6] + Simplify native value / container check in binder [750487c6] + Further simplify native binding check [fc149e22] + Streamline native match check [a2f92b2b] + Ternearize lexpad binding of natives [f2546b44]
22 hoursdoc: Added graphics/ximaging version 1.6vins1-1/+2
22 hoursAdd ximaging to graphics/Makefile.vins1-1/+2
22 hoursgraphics/ximaging: import package from wip.vins6-0/+125
+Ximaging is a lightweight, multithreaded, open source image viewer for +FreeBSD, Linux and other Unix like platforms running X11.
22 hoursdoc: Added chat/toot version 0.30.1vins1-1/+2
22 hoursAdd toot to chat/Makefile.vins1-1/+2
22 hourschat/toot: import package from wip.vins4-0/+111
toot is a command line and TUI client for interacting with instances on the distributed social network known as 'the Fediverse' using the API.
22 hoursdoc: Added sysutils/xosview2 version 2.3.1vins1-1/+2
22 hoursAdd xosview2 to sysutils/Makefilevins1-1/+2
22 hourssysutils/xosview2: import package from wip.vins6-0/+70
xosview2 is the experimental new branch of the xosview system monitor. xosview is a lightweight program that gathers information from your operating system and displays it in graphical form. It attempts to show you in a quick glance an overview of how your system resources are being utilized.