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2017-03-16irssi: re-enable perl option, bump pkgrevision.maya2-4/+5
2017-03-12irssi-xmpp, irssi-icb: catch up with irssi distinfo change.maya2-10/+10
2017-03-12irssi: update to 1.0.2. temporarily disable perl option because it doesn'tmaya4-12/+11
2017-03-11Reset PKGREVISION after update.wiz5-10/+5
2017-03-11Update chat/{libpurple,pidgin} to version 2.11.0khorben5-39/+14
2017-03-01Update chat/prosody to 0.9.12.fhajny2-8/+7
2017-02-28Recursive revbump from graphics/libwebpryoon3-5/+6
2017-02-26Enable perl option by default.wiz2-3/+4
2017-02-17Library version is tied to kdelibs.markd1-2/+2
2017-02-13SunOS also needs -lresolve. Fixes joyent/pkgsrc/issues/464. Fix misspelling o...fhajny1-2/+3
2017-02-12Recursive revbump from fonts/harfbuzzryoon19-38/+38
2017-02-07Deal with non-value-preserving casts.joerg2-3/+23
2017-02-07Add a patch from upstream to improve screen refresh times when resized.roy3-2/+34
2017-02-06Recursive bump for harfbuzz's new graphite2 dependency.wiz19-39/+38
2017-02-05irssi-xmpp: catch up with irssi changes.maya1-5/+5
2017-02-05irssi-icb: catch up with irssi update to 1.0.1.maya1-5/+5
2017-02-05irssi: update to 1.0.1.maya2-7/+7
2017-01-22Darwin needs -lresolv.jperkin1-1/+2
2017-01-22Update to 1.7ryoon2-7/+7
2017-01-21Update chat/ejabberd to 17.01fhajny4-31/+29
2017-01-21Recursive revbump from audio/pulseaudio-10.0ryoon1-2/+2
2017-01-19Convert all occurrences (353 by my count) ofagc9-29/+29
2017-01-06Update to 2.5.0; upstream changes:gdt3-14/+7
2017-01-06Change sub-daemon start ordergdt4-8/+8
2017-01-05irssi-icb: catch up with irssi 1.0.0 distinfo changes.maya2-7/+7
2017-01-05irssi-xmpp: catch up with irssi 1.0.0.maya3-7/+41
2017-01-05irssi: update to 1.0.0maya4-24/+11
2017-01-05irssi-xmpp: catch up with irssi changes.maya2-7/+7
2017-01-05irssi-icb: catch up with irssi changes.maya2-7/+7
2017-01-05irssi: update to 0.8.21.maya4-115/+8
2017-01-05Import weechat-1.6:roy3-18/+9
2017-01-05Really uses terminfo, not termcap.roy1-3/+3
2017-01-03smirk builds fine with NetBSD curses.roy4-5/+32
2017-01-03Use curses framework, may fix PR pkg/47472.roy2-9/+6
2017-01-03Update chat/ejabberd to 16.12.fhajny4-51/+62
2017-01-01Revbump after boost updateadam17-34/+34
2017-01-01Add python-3.6 to incompatible versions.wiz15-30/+30
2016-12-18Bump revision of all packages using libform, libpanel or libmenu as thejoerg2-4/+4
2016-12-15Don't create certificates at build time. They are not installed and thejoerg2-8/+36
2016-12-15Don't conflict with NetBSD's hmac(3).joerg2-1/+42
2016-12-12Revert "Specify readline requirement on 30 packages"wiz3-6/+3
2016-12-04Recursive revbump from textproc/icu 58.1ryoon13-25/+26
2016-12-04Specify readline requirement on 30 packagesmarino3-3/+6
2016-10-09Recursive bump for all users of pgsql now that the default is 95.wiz3-6/+6
2016-10-07Revbump post boost updateadam17-34/+34
2016-10-02Update chat/ejabberd to 16.09.fhajny4-31/+33
2016-09-22Needs krb5.jperkin1-1/+2
2016-09-22irssi: add patch for update as it is shipped with irssi.maya3-2/+109
2016-09-21Fix Darwin subst.jperkin1-5/+5