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2017-07-07Honor LDFLAGS. Fixes RELRO build.wiz2-4/+5
2017-07-07Update databases/erlang-p1_pgsql to 1.1.3.fhajny2-7/+7
- Make it possible to set connect timeout
2017-07-07Update databases/erlang-p1_mysql to 1.0.3.fhajny2-7/+7
- Make it possible to set connect timeout
2017-07-04Update databases/elasticsearch to 5.4.3.fhajny2-7/+7
Snapshot/Restore:: * Improves snapshot logging and snapshot deletion error handling Snapshot/Restore:: * Remove redundant and broken MD5 checksum from repository-s3
2017-07-03Changes 2.4.40:adam2-7/+7
Modules/ * fixed memory leaks when using extended controls
2017-07-01Disassociate from controlling terminal (using Perl, already aschmonz2-4/+5
dependency) and run the logger as ${mysqld_user}, not root. Bump PKGREVISION.
2017-07-01Add missing include for timeval.joerg2-1/+14
2017-06-28These packages all require the PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC hack.jperkin1-1/+3
2017-06-28SunOS requires -D_POSIX_PTHREAD_SEMANTICS for sigwait()jperkin1-1/+2
2017-06-24Disassociate from controlling terminal (using Perl, already aschmonz8-17/+20
dependency) and run the logger as ${mysqld_user}, not root. Bump PKGREVISIONs.
2017-06-24Correct mongodb build failure on NetBSD 8.99.1kamil2-6/+5
Address <sys/user.h> removal fallout.
2017-06-21Bump revision due to change of PKGPATH of depending rails components' packages.taca6-9/+12
2017-06-21Update databases/elasticsearch to 5.4.2fhajny2-7/+7
=== Enhancements Core:: * Explicitly reject duplicate data paths Packaging:: * Set number of processes in systemd unit file === Bug fixes Aggregations:: * Terms aggregation should remap global ordinal buckets when a * sub-aggregator is used to sort the terms Analysis:: * PatternAnalyzer should lowercase wildcard queries when `lowercase` * is true. Circuit Breakers:: * Checks the circuit breaker before allocating bytes for a new big * array Geo:: * Fix GeoPoint FieldStats ternary logic bug * Fix GeoDistance Ordinal for BWC Index APIs:: * Rollover max docs should only count primaries Nested Docs:: * Fix the `max` score mode. Network:: * Ensure pending transport handlers are invoked for all channel * failures Packaging:: * When stopping via systemd only kill the JVM, not its control group Suggesters:: * Fix context suggester to read values from keyword type field
2017-06-21Make ruby-dm-types depends on textproc/ruby-stringex1.taca1-3/+3
2017-06-21Remove obosolete values of RUBY_RAILS_SUPPORTED.taca2-4/+4
2017-06-21Switch most of Ruby on Rails related packages to updated frame work.taca3-6/+8
orm [orm] [bug] Fixed issue with subquery eagerloading which continues on from the series of issues fixed in 2699, 3106, 3893 involving that the “subquery” contains the correct FROM clause when beginning from a joined inheritance subclass and then subquery eager loading onto a relationship from the base class, while the query also includes criteria against the subclass. The fix in the previous tickets did not accommodate for additional subqueryload operations loading more deeply from the first level, so the fix has been further generalized. sql [sql] [bug] Fixed AttributeError which would occur in WithinGroup construct during an iteration of the structure. postgresql [postgresql] [bug] Continuing with the fix that correctly handles Postgresql version string “10devel” released in 1.1.8, an additional regexp bump to handle version strings of the form “10beta1”. While Postgresql now offers better ways to get this information, we are sticking w/ the regexp at least through 1.1.x for the least amount of risk to compatibility w/ older or alternate Postgresql databases. [postgresql] [bug] Fixed bug where using ARRAY with a string type that features a collation would fail to produce the correct syntax within CREATE TABLE. mysql [mysql] [bug] MySQL 5.7 has introduced permission limiting for the “SHOW VARIABLES” command; the MySQL dialect will now handle when SHOW returns no row, in particular for the initial fetch of SQL_MODE, and will emit a warning that user permissions should be modified to allow the row to be present. mssql [mssql] [bug] Fixed bug where SQL Server transaction isolation must be fetched from a different view when using Azure data warehouse, the query is now attempted against both views and then a NotImplemented is raised unconditionally if failure continues to provide the best resiliency against future arbitrary API changes in new SQL Server versions. [mssql] [bug] Added a placeholder type mssql.XML to the SQL Server dialect, so that a reflected table which includes this type can be re-rendered as a CREATE TABLE. The type has no special round-trip behavior nor does it currently support additional qualifying arguments. oracle [oracle] [bug] Support for two-phase transactions has been removed entirely for cx_Oracle when version 6.0b1 or later of the DBAPI is in use. The two- phase feature historically has never been usable under cx_Oracle 5.x in any case, and cx_Oracle 6.x has removed the connection-level “twophase” flag upon which this feature relied.
2017-06-19Change patch to use upstream 5.6+ change, fixes segfault reported by mark.jperkin3-6/+7
2017-06-18Update ruby-pg to 0.21.0.taca3-26/+9
== v0.21.0 [2017-06-12] Michael Granger <> Enhancements: - Move add_dll_directory to the Runtime namespace for newest versions of RubyInstaller. - Deprecate PGconn, PGresult, and PGError top-level constants; a warning will be output the first time one of them is used. They will be removed in the upcoming 1.0 release. Documentation fixes: - Update the docs for PG::Result#cmd_tuples
2017-06-15Requires PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC hack.jperkin1-1/+3
2017-06-14Requires PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC hack.jperkin3-3/+9
2017-06-14Update databases/py-cassandra-driver to 3.10.0fhajny3-7/+23
Features - Add Duration type to cqlengine - Community PR review: Raise error on primary key update only if its value changed - get_query_trace() contract is ambiguous Bug Fixes - Queries using speculative execution policy timeout prematurely - Fix map where results are not consumed - Driver fails to encode Duration's with large values - UDT values are not updated correctly in CQLEngine - UDT types are not validated in CQLEngine - to_python is not implemented for types columns.Type and columns.Date in CQLEngine - Clients spin infinitely trying to connect to a host that is drained - Resulset.get_query_trace returns empty trace sometimes - Memory grows and doesn't get removed - Fix RuntimeError caused by change dict size during iteration - fix ExponentialReconnectionPolicy may throw OverflowError problem - Avoid using nonexistent prepared statement in ResponseFuture Other - Update README - Test python versions 3.5 and 3.6 - Docs Warning About Prepare "select *" - Increase Coverage in CqlEngine Test Suite - Example SSL connection code does not verify server certificates
2017-06-14Update databases/elasticsearch to 5.4.1.fhajny3-31/+31
=== Enhancements Aggregations:: - Allow scripted metric agg to access `_score` Core:: - Improve bootstrap checks error messages Internal:: - Log JVM arguments on startup Network:: - Disable the Netty recycler in the client - Remove Netty logging hack - Set available processors for Netty Snapshot/Restore:: - Ensure every repository has an incompatible-snapshots blob Stats:: - Show JVM arguments === Bug fixes Aggregations:: - Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when no ranges are specified in the query Allocation:: - Discard stale node responses from async shard fetching Core:: - Fix cache expire after access Index APIs:: - Fix legacy GeoPointField decoding in FieldStats - Validates updated settings on closed indices Internal:: - Remove `_UNRELEASED` from Version constants for released versions - Avoid race when shutting down controller processes - Fix NPE if field caps request has a field that exists not in all indices More Like This:: - Pass over _routing value with more_like_this items to be retrieved Network:: - Notify onConnectionClosed rather than onNodeDisconnect to prune transport handlers - SniffNodesSampler should close connection after handling responses Packaging:: - Handle parentheses in batch file path Percolator:: - Fix range queries with date range based on current time in percolator queries. Plugin Repository HDFS:: - Fixing permission errors for `KERBEROS` security mode for HDFS Repository Plugins:: - X-Pack plugin download fails on Windows desktop [ISSUE] - Fix plugin installation permissions Reindex API:: - Reindex: don't duplicate _source parameter - Add qa module that tests reindex-from-remote against pre-5.0 versions of Elasticsearch Scroll:: - Fix single shard scroll within a cluster with nodes in version `>= 5.3` and `<= 5.3` Search:: - Fix ExpandSearchPhase when response contains no hits - Include all aliases including non-filtering in `_search_shards` response Settings:: - Allow resetting settings that use an IP validator Snapshot/Restore:: - Removes completed snapshot from cluster state on master change - Fix inefficient (worst case exponential) loading of snapshot repository === Upgrades Core:: - Upgrade to Lucene 6.5.1 Network:: - Upgrade to Netty 4.1.11.Final - Upgrade Netty to 4.1.10.Final
2017-06-14Update p5-DBIx-Class-Schema-Loader to 0.07047. Changes:jperkin2-8/+7
0.07047 2017-05-26 - Avoid upcoming DBIC warning on implicit SELECT * invocation (RT#118178) - Improve moniker_map and col_accessor_map coderef documentation (GH#7) - Improve exclude and constraint documentation (GH#12) - Fix running Makefile.PL without '.' in @INC (RT#121905)
2017-06-14Requires PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC hack.jperkin1-1/+3
2017-06-14Update databases/mongo-c-driver to 1.6.3.fhajny3-18/+25
mongo-c-driver 1.6.3 - mongoc_client_pool_t did not apply all TLS options to pooled connections - SNI wasn't provided when allow_invalid_hostname is set mongo-c-driver 1.6.2 - This release further improves HP-UX compatibility, especially when building with CMake, adds missing Windows SSPI files to the distribution tarball, and fixes distribution issues we introduced when porting the documentation from Mallard to Sphinx. mongo-c-driver 1.6.1 - Correct the rules to parse localThresholdMS option from the MongoDB URI. - Prevent crash in mongoc_cursor_destroy if "query" or "filter" are invalid. - Include a file, mongoc-cluster-sspi.c, that had been omitted from the release archive. - Fix logic bugs in mongoc_bulk_operation_t validation code. mongo-c-driver 1.6.0 - Enterprise authentication on Windows now uses the native GSSAPI library; Cyrus SASL is no longer required for enterprise auth on Windows. - BSON documents are more thoroughly validated before insert or update. - New function mongoc_uri_set_mechanism_properties to replace all the authMechanismProperties on an existing URI. - mongoc_uri_get_mechanism_properties asserts its inputs are not NULL. - For consistency with other MongoDB drivers, mongoc_collection_save is deprecated in favor of mongoc_collection_insert or mongoc_collection_update. - The driver is now built and continuously tested with MinGW-W64 on Windows. - Experimental support for HPUX. - The correct operation ids are now passed to Command Monitoring callbacks. - Fix a crash if the driver couldn't connect to the server to create an index. - The documentation is ported from Mallard XML to ReStructured Text, the HTML documentation is restyled, and numerous man page syntax errors fixed. - Getter functions for options in mongoc_find_and_modify_opts_t: * mongoc_find_and_modify_opts_get_bypass_document_validation * mongoc_find_and_modify_opts_get_fields * mongoc_find_and_modify_opts_get_flags * mongoc_find_and_modify_opts_get_max_time_ms * mongoc_find_and_modify_opts_get_sort * mongoc_find_and_modify_opts_get_update - All public functions now have the __cdecl calling convention on Windows. mongo-c-driver 1.5.5 - This release fixes bugs parsing the localThresholdMS option from the MongoDB URI, and a crash in mongoc_cursor_destroy if "query" or "filter" are invalid. mongo-c-driver 1.5.4 - This release fixes an error in cursor iteration when a readConcern is set.
2017-06-12Update databases/percona-toolkit to 3.0.3fhajny2-8/+8
v3.0.3 - Sandbox won't start correctly if autocommit=0 in my.cnf - pt-online-schema-change should imply --no-drop-new-table - Fixed pt-mext not working with not empty Rsa_public_key - pt-stalk ps include memory usage outputs - Recognize comments in ALTER - pt-online-schema change eats data on adding a unique index. Added --[no]use-insert-ignore - Make DSNs params able to be repeatable - Made OptionParser to accept repeatable DSNs - Collect MySQL variables - Add --skip-check-slave-lag to pt-table-checksum - Added --skip-check-slave-lag to pt-osc - Added support for slave status in pt-stalk v3.0.2 - pt-mongodb tools add support for SSL connections - pt-mongodb-summary Cannot get security settings when connected to a mongod instance - pt-mongodb-query-digest Change the default sort order to -count (descending) - pt-mysql-summary password doesn't support '&' and '#' symbols - Update Makefile for mongodb tools - Collect information about locks and transactions using P_S (Thanks Agustin Gallego) - pt-stalk top CPU usage is useless - Fix pt-mongodb-query-digest query ID (Thanks Kamil Dziedzic) - pt-online-schema-change makes duplicate rows in _t_new for UPDATE t set pk=0 where pk=1 - Fixed PT tests - pt-table-checksum ignores slave-user and slave-password - pt-table-checksum fails if a database is dropped while the tool is running v3.0 - Improved fix (protocol parser fix): error when parsing tcpdump capture with pt-query-digest - pt-osc: Fails with duplicate key in table for self-referencing (Thanks Amiel Marqeta) - pt-summary exists with an error (Thanks Marcelo Altmann) - pt-mongodb-summary - pt-mongodb-query-digest v2.2.20 - pt-slave-restart fails on MariaDB 10.0.13 (gtid_mode confusion) - pt-show-grants fails against MariaDB10+ - pt-query-digest numbers in table or column names converted to question marks (--preserve-embedded-numbers) - pt-online-schema-change misses data. Fixed sort order for ENUM fields - pt-online-schema-change doesn't apply underscores to foreign keys individually - pt-upgrade fails with SELECT INTO - pt-slave-restart --config does not recognize = as separator - Added pause to NibbleIterator - --data-dir parameter in order to create the table on a different partition - with pt-table-checksum automatically exclude checking schemas named percona, percona_schema - pt-online-schema-change Added --remove-data-dir feature - Fixed several typos in the doc (Thanks Dario Minnucci) - Add Transparent huge pages info to pt-summary - Add Memory management library to pt-mysql-summary
2017-06-12Add fix for Ruby 2.4 and later.taca3-1/+89
2017-06-12Update ruby-hiera to 3.3.1.taca3-11/+31
Changes are too many to write here, please refer changes in GitHub. <>.
2017-06-12Fix build with perl5.26. indentationmaya1-2/+3
2017-06-12Fix build with perl 5.26maya6-6/+12
2017-06-12Updated databases/sql-workbench to 122abs3-58/+17
Also some minor pkglint Build 122 (2017-02-04) Enhancements Conditional execution of Workbench commands now support -isDBMS and -isNotDBMS Added basic support for EXAsol Added support for SSH tunneling per connection profile When loading a SQL script it's now possible to automatically detect the encoding It's now possible to filter the output of WbVarList It's now possible to pin a result tab so that it doesn't get closed even if append mode is not enabled WbExport, WbImport, WbCopy and WbConfirm now support conditional execution WbTriggerSource now also supports writing the source to a file For Postgres, dependencies between triggers and tables are no shown in the DbExplorer and DbTree For Postgres, functions defined as "returns setof refcursor" are now processed correctly when using "select * from function()" For Postgres, it's now possible to import values into array columns if the source data is formatted as a Postgres array literal (WbImport and WbCopy) A new annotation (@WbCrossTab) is available to create simple crosstabs (aka "pivot") from query results. Improved editing of Postgres' hstore result columns. For SQL Server, the object dependencies now include named default constraints and custom data types Bug fixes For Oracle the DDL for tables using reference partitioning was not generated correctly In batch mode when specifying a connection profile using -profile, the setting to ignore drop errors from the profile was ignored The width of the DbTree was limited if the DbExplorer panel was also displayed For HSQLDB, BIT columns were not displayed correctly. For Oracle, the DEDUPLICATION option was not shown for LOB columns Auto completion did not overwrite a partial table (or column) name if that part was a SQL keyword. Activating the object list filter in the DbExplorer by using the toolbar button did not work reliably. Passing connection properties using -connectionProperties to WbCreateProfile did not work When using a profile specific macro file, opening a new window did not always work. When using an Oracle 12.x JDBC driver, materialized views were always reported as missing with WbSchemaDiff It was no longer possible to select "As Is" for the built-in SQL formatter Several features in the DbExplorer did not work for Amazon Redshift Feedback from connect scripts was not always shown in the message tab Error messages were not shown for errors that occurred in connect scripts For Postgres, the remarks for indexes were not retrieved correctly if indexes with the same name existed in different schemas The formatter did not treat the := operator properly for MySQL For Postgres, the source of a table was not shown when an old (unsupported) version of Postgres was used For SQL Server (and other DBMS supporting schemas and catalogs) the list of schemas was not properly refreshed when the database was changed in the DbExplorer's dropdowns For Oracle, value literals for RAW columns where not created correctly For Oracle, -clobAsFile for WbExport was not working for XML columns For Oracle, overloaded procedures inside packages where no longer displayed. For SQL Server, the source of procedures, functions and triggers was not displayed correctly in the DbExplorer for databases other then the default database of the connection. When using -configDir in console mode the connection profiles were still loaded from the default location. For Postgres, when generating scripts for tables and sequences the owner column for a sequence was not correctly generated. Build 121 (2016-07-31) Bug fixes Some DDL statements were not generated properly when changing tables or indexes in the DbExplorer For Oracle, columns defined as TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE or TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIMEZONE where not displayed correctly It was no longer possible to use a timestamp format without time for WbImport When loading a new macro file, the macro menu was not updated.
2017-06-12Fix build with perl 5.26. indentationmaya1-3/+4
2017-06-10Release 3.19.3:adam6-21/+29
Fix a bug associated with auto_vacuum that can lead to database corruption. The bug was introduced in version 3.16.0.
2017-06-07Fix build with Perl 5.26.0ryoon8-4/+59
2017-06-06Fix build with Perl 5.26.0ryoon2-1/+14
2017-06-05Tweak gemspec dependency.taca1-5/+3
2017-06-05Recursive revbump from lang/perl5 5.26.0ryoon114-197/+228
2017-06-05Extend last year fix to PostgreSQL 9.5 and 9.6.fhajny2-2/+12
Override INSTALL script to make sure owner/group args do not leak into the binary packages. Fixes problems with building software manually against binary postgresql*-client packages built under an unprivileged setup. Bump respective PKGREVISION.
2017-06-04Update ruby-sequel to 4.47.0.taca3-8/+19
=== 4.47.0 (2017-06-01) * Deprecate pg_typecast_on_load plugin, only useful on deprecated do and swift adapters (jeremyevans) * Deprecate association_autoreloading and many_to_one_pk_lookup plugins, which were made the default model behavior in Sequel 4 (jeremyevans) * Deprecate setting invalid datasets for models unless required_valid_table = false (jeremyevans) * Make Model.require_valid_table = true not raise for datasets where Database#schema raises an error but Dataset#columns works (jeremyevans) * Make Database#with_server in the server_block extension accept a second argument for a different read_only shard (jeremyevans) (#1355) * Make schema_dumper extension handle Oracle 11g XE inclusion of not null in the db_type (StevenCregan, jeremyevans) (#1351) * Add Model.default_association_type_options for changing default association options per association type (jeremyevans) * Add :materialized option to Database#views on PostgreSQL to return materialized views (Blargel) (#1348) * Make defaults_setter plugin inherit custom default values when subclassing (jeremyevans) === 4.46.0 (2017-05-01) * Recognize additional disconnect error on MySQL (jeremyevans) * Deconstantize dataset SQL generation, speeding up ruby 2.3+, slowing down earlier versions (jeremyevans) * Deprecate calling Dataset#set_graph_aliases before Dataset#graph (jeremyevans) * Don't swallow exception if there is an exception when rolling back a transaction when using :rollback=>:always option (jeremyevans) * Deprecate passing 2 arguments to Database#alter_table (jeremyevans) * Deprecate passing Schema::CreateTableGenerator instance as second argument to Database#create_table (jeremyevans) * Deprecate Database::DatasetClass as a way for getting default dataset classes for datasets (jeremyevans) * Deprecate SQLite pragma getting and setting methods (jeremyevans) * Remove handling of EMULATED_FUNCTION_MAP from adapter dataset classes, overide Dataset#native_function_name instead (jeremyevans) * Deprecate {Integer,Timestamp}Migrator::DEFAULT_SCHEMA_{COLUMN,TABLE} (jeremyevans) * Deprecate Database#jdbc_* methods for jdbc/db2 adapter Database instances (jeremyevans) * Remove addition of Database#jdbc_* to JDBC::Database in jdbc/db2 adapter (jeremyevans) * Deprecate many internal Database and Dataset string/regexp constants in core and included adapters (jeremyevans) * Remove use of Fixnum in sqlanywhere shared adapter (jeremyevans) * Deprecate Sequel::Schema::Generator constant, use Sequel::Schema::CreateTableGenerator instead (jeremyevans) * Deprecate Database#log_yield (jeremyevans) * Deprecate the set_overrides extension (jeremyevans) * If passing an empty array or hash and a block to a filtering method, ignore the array or hash and just use the block (jeremyevans) * Deprecate ignoring explicit nil argument when there is no existing filter (jeremyevans) * Deprecate ignoring explicit nil argument to filtering methods when passing a block (jeremyevans) * Deprecate ignoring empty strings and other empty? arguments passed to the filtering methods without a block (jeremyevans) * Deprecate calling filtering methods without an argument or a block (jeremyevans) * Deprecate Sequel::VirtualRow#` to create literal SQL, use Sequel.lit instead (jeremyevans) * Add auto_literal_strings extensions for treating plain strings passed to filtering/update methods as literal SQL (jeremyevans) * Deprecate automatically treating plain strings passed to filtering/update methods as literal SQL (jeremyevans) * Passing a PlaceholderLiteralString to a filtering method now uses parentheses around the expression (jeremyevans) * Make Dataset#full_text_search work on Microsoft SQL Server when no_auto_literal_strings extension is used (jeremyevans) * Fix Database#disconnect when using the single connection pool without an active connection (jeremyevans) (#1339) * Handle conversion of datetimeoffset values when using the jdbc/sqlserver adapter in some configurations (iaddict, jeremyevans) (#1338) * Fix conversion of some time values when using the jdbc/sqlserver adapter in some configurations (iaddict, jeremyevans) (#1337) * Use microsecond precision for time values on Microsoft SQL Server, instead of millisecond precision (jeremyevans) * Add Dataset#sqltime_precision private method for adapters to use different precision for Sequel::SQLTime than Time and Date (jeremyevans) * Use utc timezone in Sequel::SQLTime.create if Sequel.application_timezone is :utc (jeremyevans) (#1336) * Include migration filename in message about migration file without a single migration (jmettraux) (#1334) * Deprecate conversion of - to _ in adapter schemes (jeremyevans) * Don't quote function names that are SQL::Identifiers, unless SQL::Function#quoted is used (jeremyevans) * Deprecate splitting virtual row method names (jeremyevans) * Deprecate passing blocks to virtual row methods, move to virtual_row_method_block extension (jeremyevans) * Deprecate Sequel::SQL::Expression#sql_literal and #lit (jeremyevans) * Don't issue deprecation warnings on ruby 1.8.7, as Sequel 5 is dropping support for it (jeremyevans) * Deprecate Sequel::BasicObject#remove_methods! (jeremyevans) * Deprecate sequel/no_core_ext file (jeremyevans) * Deprecate model dataset #insert_sql accepting model instances (jeremyevans) * Deprecate model dataset #join_table and #graph accepting model classes (jeremyevans) * Support :alias option to class_table_inheritance plugin, wrapping subclass datasets in a subquery to fix ambiguous column issues (jeremyevans) * Deprecate Model.set_allowed_columns and Model#{set_all,set_only,update_all,update_only}, move to whitelist security plugin (jeremyevans) * Do not raise MassAssignmentRestriction when setting nested attributes and using the :fields option, only check for fields given (jeremyevans) * Do not add class methods for private methods definined in dataset_module (jeremyevans) * Deprecate Model.def_dataset_method and Model.subset, move to def_dataset_method plugin (jeremyevans) * Deprecate Model.finder and Model.prepared_finder, move to finder plugin (jeremyevans) * Deprecate calling Model.db= on a model with a dataset (jeremyevans) * Deprecate splitting symbols to look for qualified/aliased identifiers (e.g. :table__column) (jeremyevans) * Allow optimized lookups and deletes for models using SQL::Identifier and SQL::QualifiedIdentifier values as the FROM table (jeremyevans)
2017-06-04Update ruby-mysql2 to 0.4.6.taca2-7/+7
0.4.6 2017/5/4 New Features None. Bugfixes * Mysql2::Error: This connection is still waiting for a result, try again once you have the result (#772) * Handle being terminated while reading query result (#811 ) * Fix segfault on SIGINT race condition (#816, #813) * Better error messages when the connection options have errors (#831) Changes * Use bool instead of my_bool which has been removed since MySQL 8.0.1 (#840, #838) * Reminder for Mac users to install xcode-select (#832) * Update Travis CI and AppVeyor matrix (#820, #819, #812) * Update Travis CI for MySQL 8.0 tests (#818, #817)
2017-06-02OpenLDAP 2.4.45 Release (2017/06/01)adam14-403/+58
Added slapd support for OpenSSL 1.1.0 series (ITS-8353, ITS-8533, ITS-8634) Fixed libldap to fail ldap_result if the handle is already bad (ITS-8585) Fixed libldap to expose error if user specified CA doesn't exist (ITS-8529) Fixed libldap handling of Diffie-Hellman parameters (ITS-7506) Fixed libldap GnuTLS use after free (ITS-8385) Fixed libldap SASL initialization (ITS-8648) Fixed slapd bconfig rDN escape handling (ITS-8574) Fixed slapd segfault with invalid hostname (ITS-8631) Fixed slapd sasl SEGV rebind in same session (ITS-8568) Fixed slapd syncrepl filter handling (ITS-8413) Fixed slapd syncrepl infinite looping mods with delta-sync MMR (ITS-8432) Fixed slapd callback struct so older modules without writewait should function. Custom modules may need to be updated for sc_writewait callback (ITS-8435) Fixed slapd-ldap/meta broken LDAP_TAILQ macro (ITS-8576) Fixed slapd-mdb so it passes ITS6794 regression test (ITS-6794) Fixed slapd-mdb double free with size zero paged result (ITS-8655) Fixed slapd-meta uninitialized diagnostic message (ITS-8442) Fixed slapo-accesslog to honor pauses during purge for cn=config update (ITS-8423) Fixed slapo-accesslog with multiple modifications to the same attribute (ITS-6545) Fixed slapo-relay to correctly initialize sc_writewait (ITS-8428) Fixed slapo-sssvlv double free (ITS-8592) Fixed slapo-unique with empty modifications (ITS-8266) Build Environment Added test065 for proxyauthz (ITS-8571) Fix test008 to be portable (ITS-8414) Fix test064 to wait for slapd to start (ITS-8644) Fix its4336 regression test (ITS-8534) Fix its4337 regression test (ITS-8535) Fix regression tests to execute on all backends (ITS-8539) Contrib Added slapo-autogroup(5) man page (ITS-8569) Added passwd missing conversion scripts for apr1 (ITS-6826) Fixed contrib modules where the writewait callback was not correctly initialized (ITS-8435) Fixed smbk5pwd to build with newer OpenSSL releases (ITS-8525) Documentation admin24 fixed tls_cipher_suite bindconf option (ITS-8099) admin24 fixed typo cn=config to be slapd.d (ITS-8449) admin24 fixed slapo-syncprov information to be curent (ITS-8253) admin24 fixed typo in access control docs (ITS-7341, ITS-8391) admin24 fixed minor typo in tuning guide (ITS-8499) admin24 fixed information about the limits option (ITS-7700) admin24 fixed missing options for syncrepl configuration (ITS-7700) admin24 fixed accesslog documentation to note it should not be replicated (ITS-8344) Fixed ldap.conf(5) missing information on SASL_NOCANON option (ITS-7177) Fixed ldapsearch(1) information on the V[V] flag behavior (ITS-7177, ITS-6339) Fixed slapd-config(5), slapd.conf(5) clarification on interval keyword for refreshAndPersist (ITS-8538) Fixed slapd-config(5), slapd.conf(5) clarify serverID requirements (ITS-8635) Fixed slapd-config(5), slapd.conf(5) clarification on loglevel settings (ITS-8123) Fixed slapo-ppolicy(5) to clearly note rootdn requirement (ITS-8565) Fixed slapo-memberof(5) to note it is not safe to use with replication (ITS-8613) Fixed slapo-syncprov(5) documentation to be current (ITS-8253) Fixed slapadd(8) manpage to note slapd-mdb (ITS-8215) Fixed various minor grammar issues in the man pages (ITS-8544) Fixed various typos (ITS-8587)
2017-06-01Prepare for Ruby 2.4.taca1-2/+3
2017-06-01Use public SHLIB_TYPE instead of private _OPSYS_SHLIB_TYPE.jlam2-4/+4
2017-06-01Release 1.1.10 contains a short series of fixes to specific behaviors, ↵adam2-9/+9
primarily in Core, as well as one issue with "delete orphan" cascade when using inheriting mappers. No regressions were encountered since 1.1.9. Release 1.1.10 is recommended for users who are impacted by the specific issues listed.
2017-06-01Changes 2.4.39:adam2-7/+7
Lib/ * fixed errno-related ldap.TIMEOUT regression Lib/ * Removed obsolete assert statements
2017-06-01* Drop RUBY_JSON_REQD.taca1-6/+2
* Remove wrong overriding simple_uuid dependency in gemspec. Bump PKGREVISION.
2017-06-01Stop using RUBY_JSON_REQD since all ruby2*-base pacakges contain requiredtaca1-4/+1
version of json extension.
2017-05-31A directory should not be listed in both OWN_DIRS and OWN_DIRS_PERMS.jlam1-2/+2
Bump PKGREVISION to 1 due to changes in the binary package.
2017-05-31SQLite Release 3.19.2 On 2017-05-25adam5-19/+21
Fix more bugs in the LEFT JOIN flattening optimization. Ticket 7fde638e94287d2c. Changes carried forward from version 3.19.1 (2017-05-24): Fix a bug in the LEFT JOIN flattening optimization. Ticket cad1ab4cb7b0fc. Remove a surplus semicolon that was causing problems for older versions of MSVC.