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Initial draft of a README for the repo
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+The Debian Haskell Group packages repository
+As always, the Debian Haskell Group (DHG) does a few things different than
+others. Most of our packages are trivial to maintain, so an individual
+repository for the package would be overkill. On the other hand, it is
+precisely the orchestration of hundrets of packages that are the distinguishing
+feature of our work, hence the choice to put all our packaging into one
+Also, our work is maintaining the debian/ directory, so we decided to track
+only that, and _not_ upstream sources. Therefore, the directory structure for a
+Haskell package foo is as follows:
+ /p/ -- root of all packaging
+ /p/haskell-foo/ -- package name (Debian source package name)
+ /p/haskell-foo/debian/ -- packaging directory
+ /p/haskell-foo/debain/control -- the usual files
+ ...
+In particular, /p/haskell-foo/ contains no files besides debian/. So what is
+the point of having the files under the debian/ subdirectory? This way, you can
+extract the upstream sources in there and run your usual
+uscan/debchange/quilt/sbuild/debrelease-commands as usual. The `.gitignore`
+file is set up so that git will not bother you about the extracted upstream
+As running uscan or dpkg-buildpackage in that directory will dump files into
+the parent, we introduced the /p/ directory. Again, a `.gitignore` file is set
+up so that git will not bother you about the tarballs, `deb`-files or
+`changes`-files therein.
+Useful tools
+ * `origtargz`:
+ In order to download and extract upstream sources in one go, simply run
+ `origtargz` inside the `haskell-foo/` directory. You can also run this command
+ after you increased the version number in `debian/changelog`, and it will
+ clean out `haskell-foo` before.
+ * `git clean -d -x -n`:
+ Save space by removing all extracted upstream files and other untracked
+ files in `/p/`. Replace `-n` with `-f` after checking that everything is fine