AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2019-12-02Add a patch for DysonHEADmasterIgor Pashev2-2/+94
2019-11-29Implement cargo:rustc-flagsIgor Pashev1-3/+5
2019-11-27solaris: O_DIRECTORY may be undefinedIgor Pashev1-0/+4
2019-11-27solaris: determine path to minicargoIgor Pashev1-0/+6
2019-11-27Add Solaris targets (amd64)Igor Pashev2-0/+14
2019-11-26mir_opt_test - Add tests for SingleSetAndUse (includes one that caused bad co...John Hodge2-2/+87
2019-11-24mir_opt_test - More basic test casesJohn Hodge5-4/+112
2019-11-24mir_opt_test - Const propagation test, extra parsingJohn Hodge3-3/+109
2019-11-24gitignore - Ignore file generated by MSVC scriptsJohn Hodge1-0/+1
2019-11-24Notes - Add an overview of what all phases doJohn Hodge2-2/+82
2019-11-24mir_opt_test - All terminators implemented, more simple test casesJohn Hodge4-32/+247
2019-11-24debug - Fix compilation failure on linuxJohn Hodge1-0/+1
2019-11-24tools - Add an experimental (and very incomplete) MIR optimisation testerJohn Hodge6-0/+797
2019-11-24MIR - Add comparison of terminatorsJohn Hodge2-0/+87
2019-11-24vsproject - Split mrustc into a library and an executable (for writing unit t...John Hodge5-787/+1018
2019-11-24vsproject - (minor) Sort files some moreJohn Hodge1-189/+200
2019-11-24Misc - Warning tweaks to make MSVC be quietJohn Hodge6-36/+38
2019-11-24main - Move debug code to `debug.cpp` (preparation for moving all logic to a ...John Hodge5-167/+217
2019-11-24Misc - Remove now-defunct files (resolve_ufcs_outer.cpp and mangling.cpp)John Hodge5-737/+1
2019-11-23Resolve UFCS - Move all "Outer" logic to resolve_ufcs.cpp, and switch to usin...John Hodge4-58/+122
2019-11-23Standalone MIRI - Extended windows FFI support, works for "hello, world"John Hodge5-2/+214
2019-11-23HIR - Restructure resolve to replace `Self` type later in processingJohn Hodge16-71/+239
2019-11-20Merge branch 'master' of Hodge1-1/+1
2019-11-20Fix typo previously breaking nightly buildE5ten1-1/+1
2019-11-16Notes - More todosJohn Hodge1-1/+6
2019-11-16TOML Parser - Handle newlines before close of an arrayJohn Hodge1-0/+4
2019-11-16HIR Typecheck Outer - Don't check type aliasesJohn Hodge1-0/+5
2019-11-16HIR Bind - Handle default params in UFCS path traitsJohn Hodge1-20/+24
2019-11-13Update README for 1.29Elichai Turkel1-2/+2
2019-11-10Codegen C - Fix errors from travis OSXJohn Hodge1-1/+19
2019-11-10HIR Expand - Ensure that all erased types are evaluated before MIR generationJohn Hodge5-51/+15
2019-11-10HIR Typecheck - Wrap `Coercion` in a unique_ptr to reduce copying costs when ...John Hodge1-26/+30
2019-11-10HIR Typecheck Static - Tweak cache behaviour for is_copy to reduce thrashingJohn Hodge1-3/+15
2019-11-07All - Fix some clang warningsJohn Hodge7-8/+10
2019-11-07AST - Fix compilation error on some clang installs (#118)John Hodge2-6/+8
2019-11-10Notes - Update todo list (many completed)John Hodge1-25/+8
2019-11-10HIR Typecheck - Remove pre-setting of node result typeJohn Hodge3-38/+43
2019-11-09HIR Expand Types - (minor) Replace TU_IFLET with a plain ifJohn Hodge1-6/+8
2019-11-09Misc - Fix some warnings from MSVCJohn Hodge3-5/+5
2019-11-09Standalone MIRI - Tweaks on windowsJohn Hodge5-9/+32
2019-11-09vsproject - Tweak scripts to run smiriJohn Hodge2-12/+16
2019-11-09MIR Gen - Delete HIR once MIR is created (replace with a small node)John Hodge1-1/+10
2019-11-07HIR Typecheck - Work around a GCC 9 bugJohn Hodge1-6/+10
2019-11-03Resolve Use - Fix typo in setting up fast pathJohn Hodge1-1/+1
2019-11-03HIR - Correct enum repr typesJohn Hodge7-10/+26
2019-11-03vsproject scripts - Slight fixesJohn Hodge2-6/+5
2019-11-03minicargo - Hack in workspace support (for `[patch]`)John Hodge5-1/+135
2019-11-03Resolve - Reduce chance of excessive recursion when looking up glob use paths.John Hodge1-7/+20
2019-11-03Trans Mangling - Emit symbols longer than 128 bytes as hashes (to allow build...John Hodge1-5/+29
2019-11-03Codegen C - Fix a few MSVC compilation problems.John Hodge1-27/+30